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Google+ Shares Daria Musk: Hangout Success Story

If you’ve got something to share and you want to reach a wide network of people Google+ might be for you. Today Google shared on their blog the story of Daria Musk, a young musical performer who made her dreams come true using Google+ hangouts. Daria had a dream of reaching out to people with her music and playing in …

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CEOs Are Not Taking Advantage Of All Their Assets

The 10 Company and Gotham Research Group have released the results of a new study that suggests CEO’s are not capitalizing on the important roles blogs play in building and maintaining brand status and recognition. Many blog writers are frustrated with the lack of communication coming from the top-end of organizations. Experts say this lack of communication between business leaders …

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LinkedIn Better Than Facebook or Twitter!

Want to generate a lot of leads for your business and not spend a lot of money? In a survey-based study by HubSpot, business’s who used LinkedIn to showcase their services generated 3 times as many leads as when they used Facebook or Twitter. This should come as no surprise to those who are business minded. Linkedin is more of …

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