Bush Articles

Bush Mixes Politics And Telecom Standards

Bad news for Kerry supporters in the telecom field: they won’t be allowed to come play at The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission.

Oil Prices Bump Before Bush Meets With Saudis

Oil prices took off this morning in early trading while President Bush prepares to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Bush Chooses Physicist to Head NASA

Physicist Michael Griffin has been chosen by the president to lead NASA as it prepares to resume space shuttle flights.

Bush Asked to Push OPEC For Lower Prices

The White House was asked by a U.S. lawmaker to explain why the Energy Department has not pushed OPEC to help lower crude oil and gasoline prices.

Blogs and Ethics

JD Lasica has an in-depth article on shilling, influence and blog ethics at Online Journalism Review.

Upholding PR Standards Starts With the Small Things

Will you join with me and other PR bloggers in a grassroots blogging campaign to help raise the perception of the public relations industry …

Google Launches Video Search Beta

Fast on the heels of Yahoo’s introduction of their video search tab, Google launched the beta version of Google Video Search.

The Bloggers Should Be TIME’s People of the Year

Each year around this time going all the way back to 1927 the editors of TIME magazine sit down to debate and select their Person or People of the Year.

Google Denies AdWords To Deck Of Bush Creators

A group that created a satirical deck of cards with reasons not to re-elect President Bush has been denied an AdWords campaign by Google. This isn’t the first time that a company that has been critical of the current President has been denied use of AdWords.