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Adwords Used to Explain Bush Google Bombing

WCBSTV.com reports that President Bush has again been Google Bombed. A simple trick that takes advantage of the way Google ranks web pages …

Bush Joins The World Of Podcasts

Podcasts have went from grass roots to mainstream to Pennsylvania Avenue, as government podcasts become available.

Bush Names Microsoftie EU Representative

A lawyer who worked on Microsoft’s behalf during the US v. Microsoft antitrust trial will now be the American representative to the European Union.

Bush Likes India With Nuclear Power

The White House changed what many thought was a solid position on India using nuclear power. President Bush said yesterday that he would ask Congress to end long-term sanctions against India.

President Bush And The Google Sandbox

By now many of you have heard of the President Bush Google/link bombs that have gone off since our world changed in 2001.

All 2 Term Presidents Need A Good Scandal: Now Bush Has Rove

Presidents who get a second term are few generally. In recent decades though, Second term presidents usually end up with more than standard political conflicts and lame duck behavior. The second term usually provides a full-blown, nation-threatening scandal of epic proportions. Now Bush might just have his in the form of Karl Rove.

Blair: Persuading Bush Not Achievable

Some call it “resolve.” British Prime Minister Tony Blair came just short of calling it “stubborn.” Speaking to reporters about the possibility of holding any influence whatsoever on President George W. Bush regarding the Kyoto Protocol, Blair said it was “not achievable.”

Japan Surrendering Moon To Robots

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency imagines a future where humanoid robots populate a lunar base in 2025.

New George W. Bush Linkbomb Revealed

Because of the value Google, Yahoo and other search engines place on backlinks, executing a linkbomb in order to position certain websites atop of the search results is not too difficult. Provided you have enough people taking part.

Some Happy About Bush Choosing Cox For the SEC, Some Not

William Donaldson is stepping down as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as of June 30. He just turned 74 years old.

Bush Goes With Cox For SEC’s Chairman Position

William Donaldson, the current chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is resigning from the position. President Bush has a replacement in mind

Donaldson Leaving SEC, Bush Has Replacement Plans

William Donaldson is stepping down as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He says that he will leave the agency on June 30.

Bush Has Replacement Lined Up For Chairman of SEC

Current Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman William Donaldson is resigning from the position. He said that he will be stepping down from the agency on June 30.

President Bush Demonstrates Fuel-Cell Technology

As part of the Administration’s support of alternative fuels, President Bush and DaimlerChrysler refuel a F-Cell at a DC hydrogen station.

Bush Sets New Limits On Chinese Imports

The Bush administration is setting new limits on textile imports from China, causing trade tensions to rise even more between China and the United States.

Tony Blair Victim Of Liar Link Bomb

Because search engines place a large amount of value on contextual links, executing a link bomb isn’t necessarily hard, you just have to have enough people involved to make a dent.

Bush Insists CAFTA Would Bring Stability and Security

Six Central American presidents recently joined President George W. Bush at the White House as he defended the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Bush Defends CAFTA

President George W. Bush appeared at the White House yesterday with six Central American presidents to defend the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Bush Signs Anti-Fileswapper Law

P2P piracy and Hollywood lobbying set the table for the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.

Bush, Crown Prince Look to Tank Oil Prices

With concern about oil prices escalating to a fever pitch, President Bush met with Crown Prince Abdullah yesterday to produce a plan to curb increases.

Oil Prices Drop As Saudis Reassure Bush

Oil futures dropped today after President Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah met to discuss among other things, skyrocketing oil prices. The prince said he felt oil supplies were adequate but that Saudi would produce the oil levels countries want.