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Half Have Shopped Online While At Work

One-fifth of people say that the workplace is the main location where they access the Internet according to a survey from Burst Media.

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Monday Morning Link Fest …

From Apple to Microsoft to Google, there is hot news written. Below are some of the more interesting articles involving eBusiness and search today.

Another obvious patent gets paid off by Apple. Apple has agreed to pay Burst a $10 million payment for infringing on its 1990 streaming video technology patent.

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Candidates Need To Play Online Politics

What’s the best way to learn more about where a presidential candidate stands on an issue? Voters who are likely to participate in the 2008 election say the Internet, according to a study by Burst Media.

Because the Internet is viewed as a better place to find information on candidates, televised debates could have less impact in the minds of voters.

eMarketer Senior Analyst Ben Macklin says the Internet is a major benefit to office seekers.

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$250m/year Yahoo, AT&T Deal Burst: Yahoo Threatened

According to a story on Wall Street Journal, the deal between Yahoo! and AT&T worth $250mn/year is at stake. Clearly, Yahoo! is not in a shape to accept such a major loss of revenue and might dip below red. In fact, the company has already suffered 5% of its market capitalization due to the reports of “renegotiations.”

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Dells Reputation Tipping Point

All sorts of opinions are flying around about Dell’s recall of over four million laptop computer batteries announced Monday.

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Burst Squeezing Apple Over Patents

Apple sued Burst in January 2006 and sought a declaratory judgment to invalidate Burst’s patents on video and audio real-time delivery technology, and now Burst has responded with a counterclaim seeking damages, royalties, and an end to Apple’s infringement.

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AIT Aims To Burst Google’s Bubble

“This is the second time the bubble bursts.” The austere warning from AIT CEO Clarence Briggs seemed like an alarmist’s rendition of reality. But then he said, “It’s easier to join it than it is to stand up and fight it.” And he was right.

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Microsoft Settles With Burst

Microsoft and have reached an agreement in principle resolving all claims in Burst’s lawsuit against Microsoft.

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BURST Media Partners With Tacoda For Behavioral Targeting

Keeping with the Kanoodle/24/7 Real Media merger theme, BURST Media has announced a partnership with Tacoda for behavioral targeting purposes. The agreement sees BURST making use of Tacoda’s Audience Management System to track its audience.

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