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Dead Man Wakes Up While In Body Bag

In this situation it’s hard to tell just who was more terrified: The man waking up in a body bag and having no idea how he got there or the mortician turning to find that the dead body he was poking at a moment ago has started moving. The bizarre event occurred in Holmes County, Miss. and involved a man …

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Just How Screwed Are You If You Find Yourself Buried Alive?

I don’t think there are too many people out there that find the famous coffin scene in Kill Bill, Vol. 2 to be all that believable. Entertaining? Of course. But nobody really thinks that one could punch their way out of a buried coffin and scamper to the surface. Well, I don’t know – people will believe anything. Whatever, who …

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Mudslide Buries Georgia Man Alive For Hours Before Help Comes

An Atlanta man apparently slipped and fell into a massive river of red clay at a construction site last week before getting stuck beneath its crushing weight. Firefighters on the scene say he was under long enough to have his footprints obliterated by silt and mud which washed down from the site. His airway was obstructed when they found him, …

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