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Harley Burial: Man is Buried on Harley Motorcycle

An 82-year-old man from Ohio had his last wishes granted when he was buried on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. While it isn’t unheard of for people to be buried with personal objects, not only was Bill Standley buried with his Harley, he was buried sitting on top of it wearing his riding gear. According to Dorothy Brown, Standley’s daughter, her dad …

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Harley Burial: Deceased Man Rides Motorcycle As Last Wish

“He’d done right by us all these years, and at least we could see he goes out the way he wanted to,” Pete Standley said in regards to the funeral of his deceased father, whose body was perfectly placed on top of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle inside a casket. Yes, you heard right. Billy Standley last request to his family was to bury …

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Srebrenica Massacre Victims Finally Laid To Rest

In July 1995, more than 8,000 men and boys, all belonging to the Muslim minority, were killed. The incident occurred at the height of the Bosnian War and is widely considered to be the worst genocide to occur in Europe since World War II. The attacking forces unceremoniously placed the bodies of the slain in unmarked mass graves around the …

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