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Linking to Better Get Permission First

Don’t link to unless you have the time to fax a license request to them. Ars Technica has found that has a ridiculous policy on linking to them. They require that Web sites that link to them must fill out a form. The actual idea of having to receive permission to link to a Web site is pretty …

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Wil Wheaton Slams Chris Dodd On Piracy Debate

Fan favorite Wil Wheaton has been very vocal about his stance on the Internet and his utter hatred of SOPA and the like. Now Wheaton is calling MPAA boss and former Senator Chris Dodd a liar. He says that jobs aren’t being lost because of piracy, but the bad business and culture of Hollywood itself. On his tumblr, he reacted …

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MegaUpload Shut Down By Feds

MegaUpload, one of the world’s most popular file sharing sites, has been shut down by the federal government. Washington has released a press release today saying that they have shut down MegaUpload and Vestor Limited. They have also charged seven individuals with for “running an international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy of numerous types of …

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