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Taylor Swift Reaches Out To Bullied Fan

Bullying is a big problem in school and online and it is estimated that one out of every four kids has been a victim of bullying. Many celebrities are standing up against bullying and asking that their fans stand up for people who are bullied as well. Taylor Swift is one of the many celebs against bullying and she recently …

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Jennifer Livingston Has A Message For Bullies

Jennifer Livingston, a local news anchor in Wisconsin, recently took a harsh bit of criticism from a viewer and spun it on its ear, giving an on-air response which was so eloquent, the clip has now gone viral and is getting rave reviews from total strangers. Livingston received an email from someone who admitted they weren’t a fan of the …

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UK Police Asking Social Networking Users to Battle Bullies

As sites like Twitter and Facebook attract more users, the risk of encountering bullies, racists, and various other hate-mongers is increasing by the day. And while authorities in the UK have allotted more funding to police these sites for troublemakers, they’re asking for users to essentially police themselves when it comes to battling individuals who are attempting to ruin the …

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