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South African Mall Collapses, Causing Injuries South African Mall Collapses, Causing Injuries

On Tuesday, horror struck when the roof of a South African shopping mall located in Tongaat (20 miles north of Durban) that was under construction collapsed. Massive rescue efforts involving police, countless rescue teams, sniffer dogs, and even spotlights were …

Sony Sells Tokyo Building For $1.2 Billion Sony Sells Tokyo Building For $1.2 Billion

Last month, Sony sold its Madison Avenue headquarters building in New York for $1.1 Billion. The sale netted the electronics manufacturer around $770 million in cash, which the company needs as it various divisions (electronics, motion pictures, music, video games) …

Steve Jobs Now Has A Building Named After Him Steve Jobs Now Has A Building Named After Him

You’ve seen the Steve Jobs statues, the wax figure, and the secret Steve Jobs yacht. Now, Pixar has named a building after him. It’s called, aptly, The Steve Jobs Building, and it’s the studio’s main building. Pixar’s Junn Lee shared …

Google Makes Models Of “Green” Structures

The 85 buildings come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but environmentally speaking, they’re all “green.”  They’re also all well-liked by Google, which has made models of them in Google 3D Warehouse.

Google Earth To Showcase Beautiful Buildings

Architecture is one of those subjects that appeals, on some level, to just about everybody; from your basic suburban house to St. Basil’s Cathedral, it’s just too entwined in our lives to go unnoticed.  Now architecture is being noticed by Google Earth – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has helped design two new 3D layers for the software.

Microsoft Just Doesn’t Get Marketing

In an attempt to be innovative on the mapping front Microsoft has created bird’s eye view 3D images of numerous cities.

Google Includes Images With Search Results

Google is now including images with certain search results in an effort to promote its image search feature.