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Month of MySpace Bugs Begins in April

The month of bug’s syndrome extends its reach into MySpace starting in April. The question is, will newscorp listen.

Options, Bugs, Phones – Time For Macworld

The Macworld Conference & Expo starts next week in San Francisco, but the parade of Mac fandom led off by Steve Jobs’ keynote will have negative news about stock option shenanigans, earnings restatements, and a daily diet of Apple bugs offsetting the positive Mac vibe.

Squash Bugs In Visual Studio

When something odd happens in a program that the developer certainly did not include in the code, a bug may have nestled in, and needs to be tracked down and fixed.

Time to Fix the Bugs?

Almost two years ago I wondered about the negative aspects of companies like IBM and HP trying to control Linux by hiring top Linux developers.

CFDynamics Gets A Dell, CFEclipse Gets You

While Dell Computers will partner withh CFDynamics to include its client on a line of Dell servers, while CFEclipse needs a few good contributors.

IE7 Bug Reports Start To Come In

The advantages of such a highly publicized beta: Lots of people noticing the quirks you might have missed in testing.

Whats In The IE7 EULA? Plus, Be Warned

Ina Fried at News.com writes about the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview End User License Agreement and a few interesting things within.

SQL Injection Vulnerability

A vulnerability was discovered in the ADOdb and can be exploited by hackers doing SQL injection attacks. The vulnerability only works on the PostgreSQL users. Andy Staudacher discovered the vulnerability and Secunia reported the issue as moderately critical on Tuesday.

Why are Bugs Called Bugs?

Have you ever wondered why we call software or hardware errors “bugs”? What a strange word to describe a mistake.

Googles Got Some Bugs

One of the more versatile tools Google’s come out with is Google Earth. It can show you things all over the world, some of which you probably don’t have the security clearance to see. But now according to some sources Google might just have a few bugsnamely.ANTS!

New Bugs Swatted In Firefox Update

Firefox 1.0.5 became available yesterday, providing several security updates to the browser.

Netscape 8 Goes From Zero Bugs To 41 In Just Hours

We’ve heard from AOL about the security issues. Updating to Netscape 8.0.1 makes it as safe as Firefox 1.0.4.

New Bugs Found In Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer

Once again, it appears as if another security vulnerability bug has bitten Microsoft’s two popular Internet-related tools, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Amazon Invests in 43 Things Folksonomy Project
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Amazon.com has invested in the start-up behind folksonomy project 43 Things. Another company, called 37 Signals …

How To Have Fewer Bugs Starting Today

-Conduct Creative Code Reviews.

Code reviews can be formal or informal, and they can be great even if you’re a single-person team. I’ve had great luck read code printouts in all sorts of odd situations – in the pool, at the beach. Give it a shot. Try using markers and hacking the printouts all up. Try pasting all your code on the walls of a room, and assign a section of a wall to each team member.

Flaw bugs Office 2000 customers

A software slipup in Microsoft’s latest update to Office 2000 results in the application repeatedly asking some customers to register the program.

Top 12 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

Most programmers do not write tests. We all know that we should write them, but for whatever reason, most of us don’t. This is unfortunate, because testing is the most powerful tool we know of to improve software quality. Tests reduce bugs, provide accurate documentation, and improve design.

What Bugs Us Publishers!

This is for the rest of you too!

I had attempted to write this article once before, but I did not like what I wrote and scrapped it. I don’t see articles like this and was hesitant to express my comments. Perhaps all publishers can view my position in a similar manner when it comes to those little things that bug us.