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Google Latitude Appears to Have a Buggy Problem

According to user reports in the Google Maps help forum, Google Latitude, the real-time location app that lets you tell people where you are in this great big world, is currently down. The first report of the outage was posted roughly one day ago. Latitude appeared to only be down for users of the mobile app for Android but as …

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Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccinos Made With Insects

Many of us can’t fathom a day without coffee making an appearance, but some of us crave something a little sweeter. Like a Strawberry Frappuccino, for instance. They’re pretty popular at Starbucks. So popular, in fact, that you may be drinking one right now. What you probably don’t know is that the strawberry coloring used in those Frappuccinos is made …

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Facebook: Bug Fixes And Upcoming Changes

Facebook loves developers, they even created a weekly feature out of it called, “Operation Developer Love.” While most of it is just a recap of the previous week’s developer features for Facebook, it does sometimes contain juicy nuggets of information on what’s coming next to the platform and Open Graph. Speaking of Open Graph, Facebook has finally caught up on …

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