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Should Linux 4.0 Focus Only On Bug Fixes?

In about a year, we’ll be treated to Linux 4.0. It’s creator, Linus Torvalds, wants to know if it should focus exclusively on bug fixes and stability. PCWorld reports that Torvalds made the controversial suggestion during a Q&A session at LinuxCon Europe in October. He was asked by Intel’s Linux chief Dirk Honhdel if he thought the Linux development community …

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Facebook Updating Their Location API

As is the case each week, Facebook updates developers on the changes coming to the platform in “Operation Developer Love.” Sometimes the updates are scarce, but sometimes there is some big news to be had in this update. This week is somewhere in the middle. The big update this week is that a ‘place’ field is now available on the …

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Google Releases App Engine 1.6.4 Into The Wild

Google’s App Engine is one of the best services the company provides to developers. The constant updates to the core framework of the engine definitely helps that good will to go a long way. Good news then that only after a month, a new version of App Engine is up and ready. The Google App Engine blog

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