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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Want (At Least) Minimum Wage

Five former cheerleaders have filed suit over wages against the Buffalo Bills. The team currently classifies cheerleaders as independent contractors, not as employees, thereby bypassing minimum wage requirements. The court may challenge their status, according to Tarnished Twenty, if it finds that “the organization gives a worker instructions on how to perform work, controls the work hours, tells the worker …

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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue Over Pay, “Jiggle Tests”

The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, known as the Buffalo Jills, are engaged in a lawsuit against the team for an unfair pay system and what they say are discriminatory practices. According to their attorney, Frank Dolce, the cheerleaders have been made to appear at several events without being paid due to their wrongful classification as independent contractors, and that the team …

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Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Pay

On Tuesday, five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the NFL team over an unfair pay system. The girls, known as the Buffalo Jills, claim that they were required to work hundreds of hours at games and mandatory public appearances for little to no pay. Because the team classifies their cheerleaders as independent contractors, they are exempt from …

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