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Buffalo Snow Pictures Are Either Epic Or The Stuff Of Nightmares: YOU Decide

In Buffalo, New York, there has been so much snow this past week, only pictures can accurately convey the horror. And even then, it might not be quite enough. Buffalo residents find themselves trying to dig out of nearly six feet of snow, all of which fell during the past week. The task of snow removal is a serious matter, …

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Plane Hits Buffalo During Take-Off In India

A Delhi-bound SpiceJet plane was taking off at the Surat airport on Thursday, November 6 when it hit a very unusual object. According to Rediff News, the plane, which was carrying approximately 150 passengers, hit a stray buffalo on the runway, causing concern for the passengers on board. While no passengers were injured during the incident, the same cannot be …

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Jim Kelly Fans Welcome Him Home To Buffalo

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly received a warm welcome from his fans as he made is way home to Buffalo, New York. Thousands of fans gathered at the airport dressed head to toe in Buffalo Bill attire and carrying signs with greetings to Kelly. Sadly, they weren’t able to get a glimpse of Kelly, as his plane landed at …

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Grand Canyon Bison Wreaking Havoc

How do you manage a herd of about 400 bison? That’s what the National Park Service is trying to figure out. This massive gang of beefalo – a hybrid of cattle and buffalo – is taking over the northern reaches of the Grand Canyon. The concern is that they are causing destruction and unsanitary conditions. Along with trampling vegetation and …

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Buffalo Releases First Ever 802.11ac WiFi Router

The 5th generation of WiFi routers is here with the newly introduced Buffalo AirStation WZR-D1800H wireless router and WLI-H4-D1300 wireless media bridge. The new Router and bridge offer speeds up to three times faster than 802.11n and are fully backward compatible for legacy devices to make it easier for users to adopt the new technology. The 802.11ac Router operates in …

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Anderson Cooper Acts Like a Dyngus

Over the summer Anderson Cooper went on a 40 second giggle fest after he discussed Gerard Depardieu’s airplane urinating incident on The Ridiculist. The French actor could not wait to use the toilet a moment longer and decided to let out his own jet stream on a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin. The following clip made me laugh for …

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