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Rare Baby Camel Born and He is the Cutest

Cute baby animal lovers prepare yourselves. A very rare baby camel was born April 9 at the Budapest Zoo and made his first appearance on Tuesday. Little baby Ilias is of the endangered wild Bactrian or Camelus bactrianus ferus species, which are mostly domesticated today. Experts say there is still a small group of around 800 to 900 who live …

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Rare Baby Camel Makes First Appearance in Budapest Zoo

The public got its first look at a rare baby camel at Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden on Tuesday, following its birth there last week. Baby Ilias, a male of the endangered wild Bactrian or Camelus bactrianus ferus species, was born on Apr. 9 to its 8-year-old mother Iris. Zookeepers waited until Tuesday to present Baby Ilias to the public so as to …

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Rare Baby Camel Born in Budapest Zoo

Awwwwww…. Critically endangered – possibly even extinct in the wild – the Bactrian camel is a rare species with two humps on its back and has served as a domestic pack animal since before 2500 BCE. But last Wednesday in the Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden, a rare event occurred. A baby Bactrian camel was born. Baby Ilias was born …

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