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AIT Aims To Burst Google’s Bubble

“This is the second time the bubble bursts.” The austere warning from AIT CEO Clarence Briggs seemed like an alarmist’s rendition of reality. But then he said, “It’s easier to join it than it is to stand up and fight it.” And he was right.

No Internet Bubble?

Another Internet Bubble? Not according to John Battelle writing in The New York Times Friday.

Bubble 2.0, Fish, And Dirty Words

Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. Yes, it’s a six-letter word, not four, but to dotcom entrepreneurs, is has the same effect the “C-word” has on Mom. Bubble. D’oh! Don’t say that!

Hurricane Katrina and the Dot Com Bubble

There has never been more information. And that’s exactly the problem. Too much information too quickly published is just as bad as too little.

Baidu Bubble Bleeding Badly

Rampant speculation that drove up shares of the Chinese search engine has dwindled as investors take profits.

Real Estate Bubble Concern Spikes Among Searchers
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If you’re in the real estate market, then chances are business has been good. For many, it’s been so good that they’ve decided to quit while they’re ahead. Last month, Hitwise released a report that reflects that concern. Searches for the terms “real estate bubble” and “housing bubble” lit up all of the major search engines, jumping by 311 percent.

A Flip/Flop Bubble of Microventures?

Vinod Khosla is getting back into seed funding something closer to what BusinessWeek…

The Web: Inside the Bubble Was a Revolution

It is said that we overestimate the short-term impacts of a revolution and underestimate the longer-term ones. I have known people who overestimated and others who underestimated the short-term impacts of the Web. I have met some who believed that after the dot com bust, the Web wasn’t that important anymore. They couldn’t be more wrong.