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Redbox Instant’s Early Streaming Selection Doesn’t Hold Up to Netflix

It’s a given that streaming services aren’t very good when they begin. Netflix’s Watch Instantly service was filled with obscure programming for at least a year before deals were made to provide subscribers with decent content. So, it’s no surprise that Verizon’s Redbox Instant doesn’t yet have the exclusives that would set it apart from other, more established video streaming …

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Apple HDTV Not Coming in 2013, Though Apple Radio Might [RUMOR]

Rumors about Apple’s mythic HDTV have been swirling for nearly two years now. The rumors could simply be written off as wishful thinking that Apple might swoop in and change the TV industry for the better (the way it did the music industry with iTunes) if only analyst reports and manufacturing shipping estimates would stop insisting that the iTV is …

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