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Brunei Sharia Law Going Into Effect

Hassanal Bolkiah, 67, The Sultan of Brunei, plans to begin enforcing Sharia law for Muslims and non-Muslims on Thursday, despite concerns from human rights campaigners and international watchdog groups. In the Arabic-speaking world, Sharia, also known as Islāmī qānūn, means the moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion. Sharia deals with many of the same topics addressed by …

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Sultan of Brunei Moves Sharia into Law

As unlikely as it looked that any of the United States would implement Sharia law (in spite of people who believed it possible), other nations seem more willing. The AFP reports the tiny nation of Brunei, noted as the third wealthiest Muslim nation in the world for its rich oil and gas exports, has just seen its equally-wealthy monarch, Sultan …

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