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Bruce Jenner’s “In Touch” Cover Just Plain Mean?

Bruce Jenner has been raising eyebrows for a while now as his looks and clothes become more and more feminine. However, the latest cover of In Touch magazine may have gone too far with its assumptions. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star looked sad on Wednesday after the magazine was printed. Well, of course Bruce Jenner looked sad. The …

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Bruce Jenner Divorce Easy For Kris

Bruce Jenner is going through a very difficult time right now as his divorce from Kris Jenner goes on. He may also be heading toward a sex change, if rumors about his changing appearance are to be believed. “Bruce is a really great guy, and he has been going through a lot emotionally because of this divorce,” an insider told …

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Bruce Jenner–What’s the Deal With That Hair?

Bruce Jenner attended an Elton John concert at the Staples Center in L.A. this weekend. He wasn’t sporting his usual ponytail–wearing his locks long, thick, and free instead. It’s a bad hair day when someone’s hair looks worse than Elton John’s. Bruce Jenner’s did. It no doubt caused many people near him to ask, ‘What’s the deal with that hair?’ …

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Bruce Jenner Cancels Surgery to Flatten Adam’s Apple

For the past couple days, former Olympic Gold medalist Bruce Jenner has been caught up in the media’s clutches due to the leak of his intentions to have yet another cosmetic operation. However, this time around, he seemed to stir up more speculation than he probably bargained for given the nature of the operation. Instead of a nose job, this …

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Bruce Jenner Won’t Be Getting Adam’s Apple Surgery

Bruce Jenner canceled surgery that would have reduced the size of his Adam’s apple and said that he believes someone in the surgeon’s office leaked the information about his surgery to the media. He went on to say that he plans to hire a different surgeon to do the procedure. When news of Bruce’s plans to have his Adam’s apple …

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Bruce Jenner Not Undergoing Sex Change

Bruce Jenner is having surgery to remove his Adam’s apple, but it isn’t part of a sex change plan. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch and estranged husband of Kris Jenner, claims he’s never liked how his Adam’s apple looked. Jenner has made a couple of visits to his surgeon’s office lately. It seems he initially made appointments to …

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