Web Browsing Via Windows Drops

Web Browsing Via Windows Drops

By Mike Fossum February 20, 2012

Web browsing while using Windows OS is down by almost 7%, according to a report by ad network Chitika, regarding browsing trends, taken from August 2011 to February 2012. This number has been mainly affected by the increasing popularity of …

Analyzing Flickr

The Future of Communities Blog — Social browsing vs. technology-enabled navigation – The future of communities points us to an interesting academic research paper done analyzing behavior on Flickr.

The paper, written by Kristina Lerman at USC and Laurie Jones at Mills College, looks at how views, faves, and comments are generated at Flickr.

Their conclusion?

Online Home Browsing More Common

The number of people going online to seek housing information has doubled since 2000, the Pew Internet and American Life Project reported. As that number increases, it seems local advertisers and business owners are missing out on some golden opportunities. There has to be a way to combine local targeting and online housing listings.

No Banners Please, We’re Browsing
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Graphical banner ads have become the panhandlers of the Internet: very few people look at them anymore even if ads are right in front of them.

UpSNAP Offers Cash for Mobile Browsing

If you’re going to use your cell phone to search for entertainment, news and weather, you may as well use a service that gives you a chance to win ten big ones

IE Blogger Clears Tracks and Gathers Comments

The Internet Explorer blog continues to rock and roll.

Google Safe Browsing May Be Unsafe

The new Firefox plug-in from Google that helps to thwart phishing schemes may itself pose a problem to uses due to a security flaw.

Google Extends Firefox

A couple of new Firefox extensions emerged from Google Labs. The extensions offer Firefox users extra functions when browsing the web. Blogger Web Comments, created by Google software engineer Glen Murphy, lets users see what bloggers are saying about the page being viewed.

Creating a Windows Explorer Clone with Complete Shell Browsing GUI in your Visual C++ MFC Application with Shell MegaPack Active

Any developer who has ever wanted to provide file/folder browsing or file-selection functionality in his own application knows the utter lack of simple, extensible and customizable MFC components for this purpose.

Microsoft Releases Tabbed Browsing For IE 6

Late yesterday evening, Microsoft let out an updated MSN Search Toolbar for download with the added feature of tabbed browsing for Internet Explorer 6. The echoes of “why didn’t we think of this earlier?” were still ripe in the Redmond campus hallways. Mozilla was reported to have snickered.

MSN Toolbar 1.2 Releases With Tabbed Browsing

MSN released tonight version 1.2 of its search toolbar, which brings tabbed browsing to all compatible versions of IE well ahead of the release of Internet Explorer 7. While the tabbed browsing is very rudimentary, it is also very excellent. running fast and supporting most features you’d want.

IE7 Tabbed Browsing Available Now For IE6
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Microsoft’s plan to finally add a feature found in many other browsers and add-ons comes to IE6 via the MSN Toolbar now.

Price Alerts Don’t Promote Shopping Or Browsing

I had a talk with my brother-in-law [who lives in Birmingham, Alabama] after he read my post on Oodle yesterday.

Netscape 8.0: Browsing Your Options

Once king-of-the-hill Netscape, which has in recent times been reduced to a dismal 1% market share (compared with Internet Explorer’s 88%, and Firefox’s 9%), released its latest browser today, Netscape 8.0. The browser boasts two remedies for today’s Internet woes: phishing and spyware protection and a cure for incompatible web standards.

W3C To Help Improve Mobile Browsing

Launch of the Mobile Web Initiative will make browsing by mobile as easy as using a PC web browser.

Buying Or Just Browsing Online

Online shoppers aren’t impulsive buyers, according to a study of 8 million consumers and their Internet buying habits.

Three Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Blog Readers and Writers

The Firefox browser is an amazing product in its own right that’s packed with great features like tabbed browsing, but it’s even more powerful when you install optional extensions. Here are three that are well worth the install for both busy blog readers and writers…