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The curious tempestuous outburst by Mozilla CEO John Lilly over Apple offering a Safari browser update/install to Windows users led one observer to suggest a motivating factor.

Some Internet Users Can’t Find Google

This week, usability guru Jakob Nielsen asks: “How difficult is it to perform a search on Google?

No, really. How hard is it? We know the search box in the upper right hand corner of your screen can get there. We know that Google.com in the address bar can get there. But, sadly, Nielsen’s study indicated that at least 24% of Internet users don’t know that. It hurts me just to type it.

Internet Explorer 8 Pops Up In Beta

The answer to the question “how long until IE8 will be ready for download” turned out to be 3pm ET today.

Opera Dumps Yahoo Search From Mobile Browsers
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Users of the Opera Mini or Opera Mobile web browsers will see Google take Yahoo’s place as the default search on March 1st.

Mozilla Frees Firefox 3 Beta 2 For Testing

The brave Firefox user has a new toy to play with ahead of Christmas morning, as Mozilla released the latest beta version of the next Firefox browser to the Internet.

Baidu, Mozilla Sign Browser Deal
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In a move that makes it look even more like the Chinese version of Google, Baidu has signed a deal with Mozilla; as a result, all of Baidu’s search functions will be embedded in Chinese versions of Firefox.

Exclusive: Miss America Talks Net Safety

Miss America is taking steps to keep kids safe on the Internet with a new web browser designed especially for kids. Miss America, Lauren Nelson, spoke exclusively in a video interview with WebProNews about the launch. The browser is a partnership with the Children’s Educational Network.

iPhone Could Be Playground For Attacks

The Metasploit Framework will have iPhone support soon. If that doesn’t mean much to you, consider that some people who use Metasploit for security research may use what they find for malicious purposes.

Google Browser Rumors Back Again

According to Ryan Naraine, Google has hired well-known browser hacker Michal Zalewski to help make their products more secure.

Zalewski has an established history of exposing security holes in various software products, particularly the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers…

Google Warns Of Malware

A new study by Google that examined 4.5 million Web sites for malicious software found that about one in ten sites were infected.

The study called "Ghost in the Browser" revealed that out of the 4.5 million Web sites analyzed 450,000 had caused Google’s test computer to make a "drive-by download".

The study found that the average user does not have a way to protect themselves from the threat.

Silverlight for Opera

Completely missed in all the talk at Mix about Silverlight, Microsoft’s amazing development platform for rich applications, is the news that Silverlight is coming to the excellent Opera browser.

Microsoft Releases Deepfish for Windows Mobile

A prototype browser called Deepfish arrived for the Windows Mobile platform, stirring up opinions that Microsoft may be more than a little concerned about not owning the dominant browser on mobile phones.

Still Banging Your Head Over Browser Resolutions?

If so, you’re not alone. Three of the current top discussions at Cre8asiteforums are on the topic of web page resolution.

Google Reveals Confidential User Information?

While last week’s suggestion that Yahoo was switching browser preferences without explicit permission, was a black mark for the company, it doesn’t come close to the allegations that Google has revealed confidential information about its users.

Opera Mobile Switches From Google to Yahoo

Opera Watch reports that both the Opera Mobile browser (for smartphones and PDAs) and the Opera Mini browser (for mobile phones) are switching the default search provider from Google to Yahoo, ending a one-year agreement with Google for default search.

Data Saving in Case of Browser Crashes

So a few days ago I posted a question on the BlogCFC blog about whether I should add “crash protection” to the BlogCFC entry editor.

Opera Hooks Phishers With Latest Browser

The newest version of Opera Software’s web browser adds support from OpenDNS project PhishTank and from GeoTrust to combat phishing sites.

Cloaking Is Bad… Unless It’s Good

The concept of page cloaking has come under fire; again, because the idea is being used by a number of legitimate sites in order to protect or hide their content from users and/or search engine bots. The fact that these sites do not get punished for using cloaking techniques has become a sore spot with some bloggers.

Browser Market Share Data

Speaking of browsers, I’m working with a client site right now that gets substantial traffic, and gets 88% of its visits from Internet Explorer (only 10% Firefox)! 95% of the IE visits are v. 6 right now.

Yahoo’s Browser Based Authentication Launched

Last night I mentioned that we’d have a few more announcements on the Yahoo! Developer Network today.

Want Free Games? Have Some Porn Too
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No one in their right mind would offer free game downloads for kids that comes with porno-popping adware right? And surely another right-minded entity wouldn’t allow such a proprietor to sponsor their kid-targeted webpage right? Wrong on both counts. Warner Brothers and Zango, what were you thinking?