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Powerade Ingredient, Brominated Vegetable Oil, Done

For months the dire warnings have been circulated on social media and emails, in much the same way that dire warnings used to be circulated by mimeographed sheets and chain letters. There is an ingredient in citrus flavored sodas that is also used as a flame retardant. Beware, corporate food is criminally ignoring your health. What is this mystery ingredient? …

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Brominated Vegetable Oil Eliminated From Powerade

Coca-Cola has now eliminated a controversial ingredient from its line of popular Powerade sports drinks. According to an Associated Press report, some Powerade flavors sold in at least three states and Washington, D.C. no longer list brominated vegetable oil as an ingredient. A Coca-Cola spokesperson told the AP that Powerade is “BVO-free,” but provided no further details of the change. …

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Gatorade Contains Flame Retardant No More: PepsiCo To Remove Controversial Ingredient

You may not know this, but certain citrus flavors of Gatorade contains an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil. The bromine chemical in the ingredient is somewhat controversial as it’s used in flame retardants. As such, it’s illegal to use as a food additive in most countries except for the United States and Canada. Some companies, however, are beginning to voluntarily …

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