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Study Claims 61% of URL Shorteners Are Dead Study Claims 61% of URL Shorteners Are Dead
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A study by new URL shortener yi.tl claims that out of the 1002 different URL shorteners created in the past decade, 614 of them no longer exist. The company cites spam as the main reason for sites closing, though I’m …

Google Helps Find Missing Links
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It’s been said links are the currency of the Web, and an honest-gotten inbound link is like a tip for good work. Locating broken inbound links, then—links attempted but because of an error don’t connect with a page on your site—is like an opportunity to locate missing money.

Custodial Maintenance of the Social Web
So despite all the hype I and others wrap around social media programs, there remains a very raw, very real and very unsexy part of this line of work that seldomly gets discussed — and that’s the ugly, but critical custodial maintenance of the social web.

This is what I jokingly, err, awkwardly refer to as "Janitor 2.0"