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Short Skirts Risk Rape Comment Lands MP in Trouble

British Tory Member of Parliament for Gloucester Richard Graham has come under fire from women’s rights groups for suggeting that short skirts and high heels could make it difficult for women to run away from potential predators. Graham’s words, as quoted by the Daily Mail: “If you are a young woman on her own trying to walk back home through …

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Watch A British APC Destroy A House

A 150 year old house was set to be demolished but the owners had an idea as to how they wanted it done. They called a Kasota, Minnesota company called Drive-A-Tank. They brought a British FV432 armored personnel carrier to do the dirty work. Some prep work had to be done first before the demolition started. They had to fill …

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President Obama & David Cameron Together Tuesday For NCAA Tournament

President Obama had a full day of activities planned for Tuesday that involved students in Washington, D. C. and Dayton, Ohio. First, Obama met with young scientist finalists in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington. The high school students are 2012 Intel Science Talent Search finalists. The young student finalists are participating in a competition for scholarships and awards …

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Twitter: British Tourists Arrested After Making Twitter Jokes

It’s time for another entry in “Be careful what you say on social media.” This week’s entry comes from the U.K. where two British tourists were arrested for jokingly tweeting that they were going to “destroy America” and “dig up Marilyn Monroe” according to the Daily Mail. Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting were handcuffed and kept under armed guard …

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