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Google: The British Are Coming For GMail!
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The company that recently won the rights to the GMail trademark in the UK has taken its case Stateside. And if Independent International Investment Research (IIIR) is successful claiming its stake to GMail in the US as well, your @gmail.com address could change to @googlemail.com instead.

Insurgents Use Google Earth To Target British

During a raid on Iraqi insurgents, British Army intelligence made a chilling discovery. Insurgents were using Google Earth to locate soft targets at British bases in Basra.

The Age of Decadence in YouTube, Vice City

Technology, open access to information, freedom to say what you want, or challenging long-held social mores, have never – not once in history – sat well with everyone, especially ones that have adjusted well despite the lack of those things. So the Internet is now sprung upon us, a powerful vehicle for exactly those unsettling motivations, and people are freaking out about it as their kids learn about the world, not with their parents, but with YouTube.

Google Falters With British Small Businesses

It should come as no surprise that our friends across the pond like Google, but a recent survey indicated that British small business owners aren’t as fond of the search engine giant as the average consumer is. The gap is significant, with a 27% difference in use – the business owners are, to a large degree, doing their searching elsewhere.

British Search Less But Find More?

Recent numbers are showing that Google is an even heavier hitter in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Have You Read A British Blog Today?

There are plenty of readable choices in the blogosphere created by our compatriots across the Atlantic. Crafting a top ten list of them, as with most subjective ideas, yielded a couple of different approaches.

British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

The British Cabinet Minister Who Blogs

Looking for something on one of the British government websites, I came across this – the blog being written by David Miliband, Minister of Communities and Local Government.

Google Cerf-ing For British Engineers

Google evangelist Vint Cerf, father of the Internet, will canvas several universities in the UK to help recruit graduates to work for his company’s new research and development center in London.

Blinkx Adds British News Source ITN

Independent British news producer ITN has chosen Blinkx to create and power a new video player and power the company’s news search through www.blinkx.tv. ITN will be added to blinkx’s news and information line-up along side Reuters, Business Week, Euro News, and the New York Times.

Google Alone In Battle Against Bush

The story about Department of Justice attorneys filing suit in federal court for access to Google’s databases exploded across the Internet, and it appears they out of the big four search engines resisted prior requests for that information.

Microsoft Scanning British Library

The competition with Google Print begins in the UK as Microsoft and the British Library have reached an agreement that will see 100,000 books digitized.

British eBay Phisher Gets Four Years

The head of a six-man ring of phishers led their criminal enterprise to steal around $360,000 from eBay users.

Yahoo’s Semel Wants British TV

‘Be indexed or be forgotten’ seems to have been part of the message delivered by Terry Semel at the UK’s Royal Television Society 2005 convention.

Google May Yell For British Company

Chapter 327 of “What’s Google Going To Do With The Money” says British yellow page company The Yell Group will be the next Google acquisition.

British Music Firms To Snack On Apple

New digital music subscription services in the UK from Virgin and HMV support Windows DRM and aim to displace iTunes.

Bluetooth Enables British Cellphone Ad Invites

Users passing through London’s Heathrow Airport may get an invitation to view an ad on their cell phones.

British Breakthrough Keeps Patients From Breaking Through Their Pants

British researchers have supplied the latest ammunition for the battle of the bulge-a drug that pumps up production of a hormone that regulates appetite. The lead scientists believes in the weight-loss solution so much he’s already set up a company to translate pounds into, well, pounds.

British Court Convicts Chipper Xbox Pirate

A 22-year-old Welsh man was made an example of by becoming the first to be convicted of modifying and selling copyrighted Xbox game consoles.

British Firm BT Group Launches Combined Mobile/Land Line

British telecom giant BT announced the world’s first venture into combining mobile and land line services into the new BT Fusion service. BT customers will be able to switch between their mobile and landed broadband lines as they come and go from their home or office.

US Wants British Hacker Extradited

A suspect in what US officials call the biggest intrusion into military computers ever detected will fight extradition.