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Juliette Labelle Is Prince Harry’s New Flame, And Everybody’s Talking About Her

Juliette Labelle, a former Dior PR Assistant and an aspiring actress has suddenly attracted the interest of many after rumors claiming she is dating Prince Harry came out. According to Us Weekly, the British royal had spent time with Labelle during his trip to Los Angeles, just days before New Year’s Eve. #PrinceHarry reportedly seeing an American PR-girl Juliette Labelle, …

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Prince Charles Takes Part In Saudi Sword Dance

The Prince of Wales showed the Saudi Royal family his dance moves when he took part in the time-honored sword dance called the “Ardah” during his three-day tour of the Middle East. Dressed in traditional Arab clothing called a “thobe”, Prince Charles enthusiastically performed the dance along with other male members of the Saudi Royals to commemorate the warrior tradition of …

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