Brightcove Articles

AOL Introduces Revenue To Filmmakers

Publishers can sign up with Brightcove, AOL’s partner, for an account that will allow them to receive up to 70 percent of the revenue generated by sales of their videos.

Warner Partners with Brightcove to Mimic YouTube

Warner Music Group signed a deal with Internet video provider Brightcove that will spread Warner-owned videos around the web in a free, ad-supported form.

Taking Control Of Consumer-Generated Media

Consumer-generated media (CGM) is still a relative newborn and is far from its full potential. The success of YouTube has grabbed hold of the marketer’s attention, even in its nebulous and unformed state. The future of television is neatly entwined with this sudden phenomenon, as Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire will tell you.

Reuters Offering Video To Web Affiliates

The global news organization has begun a test period where site publishers can add a cross-platform video player to their sites and show breaking news stories.

New World Wide Web Emerging: Meet the New Network

An interesting phenomenon is coming to a monitor near you, perhaps the one you are looking at right now.

Brightcove Networks With AOL, IAC Cash

Video startup Brightcove gets an early Christmas present with an infusion of $16.2 million and brings IAC chairman Barry Diller onto its board of directors.

Brightcove – The Future of IP Video?

Om Malik reports on Jeremy Allaire’s new IP Video project Brightcove. Jeremy is the guy behind ColdFusion of course …

Jeremy Allaire Launches BrightCove

I found a real gem in my inbox from Jeremy Allaire this morning. He just launched BrightCove, a company he’s been working on in secrecy over the past year.