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Starbucks Gets the F-Word from Local Brewery

Starbucks owns the word “Frappuccino”. Like any big corporation, Starbucks has attorneys that defend against any infringement or unauthorized use of their property. For example, you could not open up a coffee shop – or any other kind of business, in fact – and call it “Starr Bux”. Try it and you’ll get a terse letter from Starbucks’ lawyers. That’s …

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Yuengling Brewery Fire: Brewery Engulfed In Flames

The Yuengling Brewery had a fire breakout yesterday, when police and fire crews were called in, and found the building engulfed in flames. The location that had the fire was in Tampa, Florida. Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery, originating in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. With a very successful company in the beer industry already, Yuengling opened the Tampa location in early 1999, …

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