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Rihanna, Instagram Spar Over Nude Photos

Facebook hates nipples. So does the Facebook-owned Instagram. To be fair, Instagram hated nipples before it was acquired by Facebook, but I’m guessing that Instagram hates nipples even more now because of Facebook’s extreme nipple hatred. So it’s not that shocking that Instagram scolded Rihanna over her nipples. Rihanna’s response, however, is hilarious. Earlier this week, Rihanna’s new cover shoot …

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Facebook Really Hates Anything Related to Boobies

If you’re an artist or a breastfeeding mother, you’re probably well aware that Facebook isn’t too fond of boobies. Honestly, the mere appearance of a bare breast is often enough to kick Facebook’s content moderation system into high gear – even if that bare breast is actually just some girl’s elbow. Or a New Yorker cartoon. Or a mastectomy photo. …

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