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Kendra Wilkinson Hates ‘Playboy’ Image, Having Breast Implants Removed

Kendra Wilkinson said recently that she often dresses down in an effort to dissuade people from being reminded of her Playboy image. Once a girlfriend of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, she does everything she can these days to sever her former relationship with the enterprise. Does that include having her breast implants removed? “The person I feel like today isn’t …

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Melissa Gilbert Has Implant Removal, Criticizes DWTS

Melissa Gilbert has had her breast implants removed and is ready to age gracefully, not desperately. Gilbert said in a blog post entitled “A Tale of Two T-tt–s” that she is done trying to live up to the standards put forth by the media and Hollywood. In the funny post, Melissa Gilbert lists some reasons why she is having her …

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Melissa Gilbert: ‘A Tale of Two Titties’ Cites Reason for Implant Removal

Melissa Gilbert has once again defied popular Hollywood trends. The actress who tied the knot while wearing a red dress had her breast implants removed just a couple of days ago. The Little House on the Prairie star noted in her blog, A Tale of Two Titties, the impending removal of both breast implants. “I am concerned for my health …

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Victoria Beckham Confirms Having Breast Implants Removed

On a recent interview with Allure magazine, Victoria Beckham, former member of the Spice Girls and a fashion designer, openly talked about her breasts for the first time. The 39-year-old mother of four had her first breast augmentation in 1999 to bring her breast size up to a 34DD. The increase in bust size was evident in photos, but the …

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