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Bristol Palin Allegedly Punched And Dragged In House Party Brawl [Audio]

An audio recording obtained from the Anchorage Police Department details the investigation of a September 6 brawl at a private birthday party that reportedly involved Bristol Palin. In the recording, Bristol is sobbing to police about how a man pushed and dragged her across the grass after she tried to defend her sister Willow. Bristol’s mother Sarah Palin can also …

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Six Flags Fight: Attempt To Bring The Purge To Life?

The Six Flags fight in Prince George’s County, Maryland may have all started because a group of teens watched “The Purge” one too many times. Margo Hodge, who was at Six Flags on Saturday night, witnessed the utter chaos first hand. The Navy veteran and former nursing student said that she and her husband were leaving the amusement park at …

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John Tortorella On Thin Ice After Locker Room Rush

Hockey is not a calm game, and fights are pretty much the norm each time they puck hits the ice. The coaches, however, are not the usual suspects in initiating the fights. John Tortorella is apparently looking to change that fact with his infamous outbursts, and Yahoo Sports tells us that this time the NHL is giving him major heat. …

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Chuck E. Cheese Brawl Breaks Out During Birthday Party

A brawl broke out in a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese earlier this week, but it wasn’t between a group of kids…it was an adult fight. Several people were involved in the brawl, and it was all caught on camera as an onlooker recorded from their phone. Chaos ensued as children jumped in to try and stop the fight, and …

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Soccer Hooligan Brawl Gets The David Attenborough Treatment

A couple of weeks ago, a YouTube video of a soccer fan brawl hit the trend cycle. This one, however, isn’t just the traditional footage of fans pounding on each other in the stands until the security guards intervene. No, instead what we were treated to was an old-fashioned gang fight, but instead of rival neighborhoods fighting for turf, these …

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Dodgers Brawl: Pitches Hurt, But So Do Punches

What began as a wayward pitch that hit Dodger Yasiel Puig in the nose quickly escalated into an all-out “you got me so I’m gonna get you back” war between the team and the Arizona Diamondbacks during Tuesday night’s game. That quickly escalated into a full-on war. Not long after the first pitch, Diamondback Ian Kennedy hit Zack Greinke, and …

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