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Know Thy Market: Beyond The Click-Through
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In marketing, with few exceptions, there’s no umbrella or blanket model that can be applied. Even if Coca-Cola’s omnipresent branding has worked over the decades because soft drinks are for everybody, most products are intended for select groups of buyers, target markets, with different motivations.

Search Is Changing, But We Knew That Already

We hate to say "I told you so." Wait. No, we really don’t. Analysts at Piper Jaffray & Co. took a good, hard at look at things and decided we are in the midst of a media – well, everything – revolution and it’s all the Internet’s fault. E-Life as you know it is about to change.

Branding In The Age of Wikipedia
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Though the authority of Wikipedia is still debated

Branding Through Social Media

Branding is important when it comes to social media marketing. If you are trying to use social media sites for exposure and traffic not only is it important to brand your domain name, but it is also important to brand your user name by keeping it consistent throughout all social sites.

Yahoo Launches Another Brand Universe

In the latest of its efforts in social branding, Yahoo has announced a partnership agreement with Pontiac to develop an online hub geared specifically to the community of enthusiasts supporting the automobile manufacturer

Wikipedia, YouTube Become Top Brands

For the second straight year, Google tops the list of worldwide brands in BrandChannel’s annual survey. The surprise, however, is the surging popularity of YouTube and Wikipedia, with both claiming spots in the top 5 rankings for the first time.

Branding Your Customers

Branding your business is simply giving the public and your customers an image of your company.

Branding: Words and Meanings

I’ve been thinking about brands that are making a difference in our lives and society, and I used the term “worthwhile brand” to define them.

Making The Most Of Social Networks

Search Engine Marketing is now the standard online, a beeline to a measurable ROI. But as marketers try to wrap their heads around social networking, and invent ways to utilize it to their advantage, it’s becoming clear that the branding opportunities are quite appealing, nearly boundless, limited not by money, but by imagination.

Branding: Focus or Flexibility?

My last post, Positioning for Extinction, stirred up quite a debate. Laura Reis, a big proponent of highly focused brands, suggested that Weber stick to charcoal grills and launch a new brand for gas grills.

The French Blogosphere: Branding and Communication

More than one-quarter (26.7%) of the French online population visit a blog at least once a month.

Branding: Positioning for Extinction?

I just came across Laura Reis’ post about why Weber should limit their brand name to charcoal grills (excluding gas) and I just have to disagree.

Small Business Marketing: Brilliant Branding Builds Business

Branding is more than product recognition or a simple logo. It is the overall intellectual and emotional impression people have when they think of your company and its product. It is a strong and consistent message about the value of your business.

Everybody Needs A Vista-Capable PC Logo

Aviran shows an image of the “Designed for Windows XP / Windows Vista Capable” logo that manufacturers will start slapping on new PCs to indicate customers should have little problem upgrading to the next version of Windows in nine months.

IT Specialists: Branding Your Company

As IT specialists, a big way to differentiate yourself is to make sure that you’re branding your company. Focus on selling your company name with its new industry twist.

Quote of the Week: Ev on MSN Branding

This made me laugh out loud… and then cry:

Maslow & Branding: Last 3

We’re almost to the end of the series on Maslow and Branding. I’ll wrap up the last three needs in Maslow’s hierarchy here, and then we’ll look at how they all interact in social networks.

Maslow & Branding: Aesthetics

OK, back to the series on Maslow and Branding. So far I’ve written about Security & Connection, Esteem and Control; these four have the most relevance to the widest audience.

Employee Communications is the Chicken…

Marketing is the egg.

Commons Kick-off

The Communication Commons is up and running.

Brands, Blogs & Search in 2006

The Magazine DM News publishes a supplement called “Outlook” each year that collects interviews and articles from some of the leading direct marketers and their perspectives on the coming year in direct marketing.