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Branded Pages And SEO
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If you wanted to be logical, you might not stick a company or product name on any page more than once; after people learn what the subject is, there’s little reason to repeat the fact.  But if you want to be successful in terms of brand SEO, an entirely different approach is necessary.

Google Brand Is King Of The World

No one brand dominates the globe quite like that of the search engine and advertising company from Mountain View, as Google tops a major list of global brands.

In Marketing, Perception Is Everything
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The mind is a deeply complex organ, at times influenced by small, seemingly trivial things, and at others closed off to any external stimuli. Think of it as an onion, with belief at the center and perception at the outermost layer. Subtle stimuli can alter perception not just more easily than they can belief, but also can alter perception in nearly imperceptible ways, as air overtime hardens and dries the top layer, not affecting the layer beneath.

The Apple Of Your Eye Is a Trick
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Lots of studies have shown that subliminal advertising doesn’t work—at least it doesn’t work as a direct cause of desired behavior. For example, imperceptibly flashing a hot dog in front of an audience does not increase hot dog sales. A recent study from Duke, though, says Apples might make you more creative.

The McDonaldization Of The Internet

A new report from Hitwise highlights a trend that matches what’s going on in the brick-and-mortar world: The mainstreaming of everything. It also shows that Internet users value what they perceive as authority websites, and that perception is a collective one—or if you prefer, a brand on the collective psyche.

Brand Awareness More Valuable Than PPC
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There’s been significant debate among small businesses about the indirect value of online branding versus the direct value of search marketing. A recent report from Engine Ready says branding may be worth more than you think.

I’ve been an advocate of branding for a while and have tried to get the point across that consumer awareness of product or company drives sales in a very powerful way. Understandably, smaller business owners are more likely trust what is not only more directly tangible and measurable, but also less costly.

Microsoft To Measure Engagement, Not Clicks
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Almost a year ago, I went on (at length) about how there was more to online marketing than that final deal-closing click-through. I (loftily and windily) talked of being there for the consumer’s journey and looking to understand how a customer arrived at that final decision.

Own the Network by Building the Right Brand

VideoEgg announced $1.5 million in ad revenues over 5 months, which is not much when you consider that they have over 150 top widgets. You can use targeted widgets and gadgets to push things that are already valuable, successful, unique, or interesting outside of the social networks, but traditional advertising is no good.

Considering Podcasting? Evaluate Your Assets

This morning at the Triangle Social Media Club, Kipp Bodnar led the group’s discussion regarding the business applications of podcasting.

I will attempt to recap some of our highlights for those who couldn’t wake up at 8am :-)

SEO and Understanding Your Brand

I always recommend that folks optimizing their web sites take great care to not confuse the name of their company with what the searchers are actually trying to find, which is frequently the brand.

Unless you are someone like Coca-Cola or your name is the same as your product and brand, you should generally leave your company name out of the title tag of your pages. If you absolutely must have it there, put it at the end.

When Squatters Attack
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Richard MacManus, founder and editor of the blog ReadWriteWeb, had a disturbing correspondence with a (seemingly) Russian "brand squatter," a person MacManus describes as one trying to piggyback on his blog brand name for financial game.

Social Networking – Your’e Known by the Company You Keep

This thought provoking article by Jennifer Laycock (

Are Your Social Networking Connections Hurting YOUR Reputation?

) brings to mind the saying of my grandmother’s: ” You are known by the company you keep.”

While some may dispense with this as old-fashioned advice in the new socially-networked world. I find it to be true now more than ever.

Domains & Branding
In the past any large company could use subdomains as an effective reputation management strategy.

Positive Face Time Equals Good Branding

The more I dig, the more I’m convinced that a big part of a brand’s success is the quality of its customer touch points, specifically, the face to face ones. Consider this overwhelming evidence:

The more emotion there is in an experience, the more vividly we remember it. It’s known as imprinting. So if we have very positive or very negative experiences, we remember them longer and more completely.

Relevance…Is it Relevant?

As we mentioned Friday, Live Search is very proud of itself for finally making its results relevant. Unfortunately, I think their relevance push was obviously too little, too late.

Branding And The ‘Conversational Media’

It wasn’t too long ago I was told marketers (especially for small- and medium-sized businesses) weren’t interested in online branding, as a concept. The online marketer relies a lot on search, and therefore, clicks that bring results. Branding? Who needs it?

Live Blogging the Personal Branding Summit
This is a great sign.  Today there is a very unique event happening throughout the day – the Personal Branding Summit is a telesummit of some top speakers all talking about the topic of personal branding. 
Brands are Conversations

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve disagreed with CNET’s Elinor Mills–something that rarely happens, as she’s a fantastic journalist–but here goes. :-)

SES: Search As A Branding Vehicle

It’s official, search advertising isn’t just junk advertising (read: direct response, a la junk mail) anymore, it’s a key element in branding, or as they call it in San Jose, a "branding vehicle."

Search, Mickey D’s, Or Coke, Branding Is Powerful

Here’s a challenge for you: raise a child unexposed to branding. Good luck with it. This article isn’t about parenting, though, it’s about the power of the brand. A recent study revealed preschoolers think even milk and carrots wrapped up with McDonald’s golden arches tastes better.

Strong Branding Drives Search And Conversions

"Branding" has become a bit of a buzzword in online marketing, though there are still detractors out there decrying the lack of ROI, or at least the inability to measure it. Advocates have been quick to note that branding matters, it matters a lot, and now there are some numbers to back that up.

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