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Brand Keywords Create Sustainable Profit Margin
The Microsoft AdCenter blog posted that 35% of top search queries are brand related:

Shop.org Summit: Opening Up Your Brand
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Well, all that cute Web 2.0 terminology – you know how you guys do, combining two words to make one or leaving vowels out and stuff – is now the sole property of bloggers and developers, because marketers, if you’ll forgive the Kentucky boy in me, done went corporate boardroom on it.

Brands are Conversations

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve disagreed with CNET’s Elinor Mills–something that rarely happens, as she’s a fantastic journalist–but here goes. :-)

Facebook – the Hub for Your Personal Brand

As I’ve written in the past, Facebook is the most legitimate and productive social network for business professionals on the Web today.

Social Networks And Brand Advertising
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U.S. social networking sites may generate revenue that could reach $1 billion in 2007, and increase from $400 million in 2006, according to IDC’s "Social Networking Services in the US-Popular, Yes, But how To Monetize Them?" report.

Brand Advertising Doomed On Facebook

Social networking sites may never be the cornucopia of conversions that brand advertisers want them to be, according to a new study.

SES – TopRank Day 1 Wrap Up
If you see these smiling faces at SES, be sure to say hello!

SES -How Search Integrates as a Brand Vehicle

Well I am at Search Engine Strategies San Jose; the weather is beautiful, the company great and the discussions so far excellent. The following are point form notes from an interesting seminar that discussed how search can be used to aid in branding instead of just as a direct response sales vehicle. Each point, stat or anecdote is in itself intriguing but overall add up to a helpful overview of how to use search to brand. Please brace yourself, however, this discussion went to many edges of the marketing universe so this post will have gems from many disciplines.

Viral Marketing: Now Less Contagious

Around one-quarter of all online adults are thought to be influential brand advocates, but they spend more time online researching and purchasing than spreading the word according to a new report from JupiterResearch "Brand Advocates; Creating Rewarding Relationships."

Straw Man Marketing and Information Pollution
One of the easiest ways to get your message across is to be different and denounce a currently popular meme. Dan Thies recently referenced a person who is launching their marketing brand by calling the long tail crap. Even if they know what they are talking about with some forms of marketing it undermines their credibility to talk about search marketing with no appreciation for the tail.

How Sustainable Is the Story of Your Brand?

In many cases when people buy products they are buying into a story, in many cases a narrative that has been crafted by marketers to tweak your heartstrings in the right places, to push the right buttons. in some cases the brand story is very closely aligned with reality, so there are few incongruence’s, or contradictions of the brand story.

Microsoft, Google Settle Vista Complaint
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The Department of Justice has reached an agreement with Microsoft that will end a complaint made by Google about a Vista feature.

Google: From Direct Marketing to Branded Ads

Ad Relevancy & Quality Scores

Google has again and again touted the value of their targeted marketing, but most of the fortune 500 ad dollars are not spent on targeted marketing. A couple weeks ago in a WebmasterWorld thread many advertisers complained about getting killed by another quality score update.

Is Google Replacing Affiliates With Big Brand Spenders?
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Google’s search for utmost relevancy is hitting affiliate marketers hard, who are noticing their best converters diminishing as keyword prices raise. Relevancy has been the company’s buzzword, but critics say it’s more about the Almighty Coin (pr. Kwan).


Ready to get more out of social media? The leaders in social media marketing dish on how to get in on the action–everything from why to where to how.

Social Media Growth Apparently Driven from Asia

Social media and blogging is soaring with Asia a key growth market, according to research conducted by Universal McCann as reported by Brand Republic on May 11.

While I have some concerns about this story (see below), some of the reported stats are quite interesting:

Does AdWords Campaign Age Affect Traffic?

There’s sometimes a start-up period for a new adWords campaign when ads aren’t shown for all keyword matches and so the traffic is lower than it “should” be.

I covered it in this post on what to expect from a brand new PPC campaign.

Content, Marketing for the Upsell
In many formats price is just used to filter out some of the noise, and an item is priced so low remind people it has some value, but allow it to spread fast.

The Best Defense Against Bad Word of Mouth

Uber customer service snafus like Jet Blue aside, a business is bound to catch a customer on a bad day – or vice versa. This can spawn a fiery blog post which, in plain view of Google, can morph into an issue with “negative fiscal ramifications” for the business in question.

Brand Positioning
Five words or less. Use consumer language, not "clientese." Follow the 4D rule. These are a few of my guidelines for writing positioning statements that are compelling and executable.

  • Five words or less. See if you can write your own tagline that clearly captures the essence of your brand. And don’t whine and say that’s a copywriter’s job… if you can’t boil down the brand essence into a short, memorable phrase, chances are a copywriter can’t either. It’s not a quick and easy process, but it pays off. 
Google Ranks First In Branding Power

A study by research firm Millard Brown and the Financial Times of the world’s top 100 brands found Google ranked highest in dollar value for the brand.

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