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Brittany Maynard Talks About Her Death Decision

Brittany Maynard has less than one month to live, but her terminal brain cancer won’t be taking her life. Maynard has decided to end her own life rather than endure a long, painful death at the hands of cancer. Maynard announced to the media earlier this month that she intends to take her own life on November 1. She and …

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Cancer Sample Handling Changes Called For By Doctors

In a column appearing this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), doctors have called on the medical community to change the way it handles cancer tissue samples. At issue is the rise of new gene sequencing technology, which traditional sample handling practices impede by damaging DNA. “Deciding how best to obtain (tumor) samples and how best …

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The Everywhereist Has A Brain Tumor, Names It Steve, And Blogs About It

Geraldine, the travel blogger behind The Everywhereist, has a brain tumor. As we’ve been covering the SEO industry for many years, many of our readers may know her best as Rand Fishkin’s wife. Rand, as you probably know, is the CEO of SEOmoz, and as Geraldine explains, The Everywhereist is as much a love letter to her husband as it …

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