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Kentucky Wins Facebook’s NCAA Bracket, Obama’s Too

If you’re having trouble finishing your NCAA tournament bracket, you could turn to the largest social network in the world or the leader of the free world for help. Facebook mined all the posts and comments about all the teams in the field and filled out a bracket based on which teams garnered the most attention. Facebook’s Final Four is …

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A Simple Demonstration on Why You’ll Never Pick the Perfect NCAA Bracket

With the NCAA Tournament fast approaching, people are beginning to fill out their brackets with the hopes of stunning their office buddies with the perfect pick of all 63 games. Too bad it’s simply not going to happen for you. Sorry, man. DePaul professor Jeff Bergen is here to give to a clear, concise explanation on why you’ll never fill …

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March Madness Gets Started With Comeback Bangs

Just like Greg Anthony has been saying in those commercials of his, it’s not called “March Monotony,” it’s called “March Madness,” and after last night’s “no lead is safe” games, the tagline is proving to be quite prophetic. March Madness is here and it looks like it’s going to be another exciting tournament that completely wrecks millions and millions of …

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