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‘Catching Fire’ Lights Up the Box Office This Thanksgiving Weekend

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire may be even more popular than originally thought, if that’s even possible. Not only is the sequel to the also wildly successful The Hunger Games about to break some impressive records, but is on track …

Man of Steel Breaks Summer 2013 Box Office Records Man of Steel Breaks Summer 2013 Box Office Records
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Though critics can’t decide whether Zach Snyder’s Superman movie franchise reboot is good or not, fans of the superhero have spoken. According to Reuters, Man of Steel has set a new record for June opening weekend box office totals. The …

The Avengers Makes Almost $200 Million Overseas
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If you’re living in the U.S. and just can’t wait any longer to see The Avengers, there’s an alternative: you can always dust your passport off an head out to somewhere like France or Australia and catch it a few …