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Gregg Williams Bounty Program Audio States, “Take out the Outside ACL”

With the recent bounty gate scandal that has taken hold down in New Orleans, all sorts of opinions have been spouted from fans, players, and coaches. Everything from, “Williams should never be allowed to coach again“, “Any players involved in it should be kicked out“, to those who have defended the program by saying other teams have most likely done …

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Jeremy Shockey Has Sean Payton Vouch For Him, Via Text Message

Chances are you’ve heard of “Bounty Gate” by now. It’s the program started by former New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams where he would pay his players various amounts, dependent upon the severity of the injury they inflicted. The aforementioned “bounty gate” resulted in Head Coach Sean Payton’s suspension from the NFL for one year, and Gregg Williams, now …

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“Bounty Gate” Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The folks over at NMA are at it again, this time with their own take on the New Orleans Saints “Bounty Gate” fiasco. The animation looks at the situation from a slightly skewed angle, but somehow still brings up some valid points concerning the hypocrisy of the NFL. It’s not all business though, as in true NMA fashion there are …

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New Orleans Saints Work Out Randy Moss, Twitter Erupts

Last night it was rumored that the New Orleans Saints were holding a workout for former All-Pro receiver Randy Moss. Moss, whose 153 touchdown receptions are tied with Terrell Owens for second all time, announced on his 35th birthday that he was ending his one-year retirement from the NFL. It’s unclear at the moment what time the workout will be …

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