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Pope Francis, Bouncer and Holy Father

His Holiness…and nightclub bouncer? Pope Francis, 76, recently told parishioners that he held various odd jobs before becoming God’s enforcer, including a bouncer in a Buenos Aires bar. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as he was known then, was a college student and in addition to his doorman duties also earned extra money by sweeping floors and running tests in a chemical …

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Google Integrates Its App Verification Tool Directly Into Google Play

Malware is a serious concern for mobile devices. Android devices are especially vulnerable thanks to the platform’s open nature. Now Google is making sure almost every Android device owner is adequately protected from malicious apps. Computer World reports that Google has integrated an Android 4.2 feature called Verify Apps directly into the Google Play store. Now every Android device with …

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Google Bouncer Scanning Android Market For Malware

Are you afraid of malicious software on the Android Market? Google has you covered. Today on the Google Mobile Blog, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, announced a new software system for Android phones called “Bouncer.” It provides automated scanning of the Android market for “potentially malicious software without disrupting the user experience of Android market or requiring …

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