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John Henry Buys Boston Globe from New York Times

John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox and the Liverpool Football Club is now the new owner of The Boston Globe. Former owners, The New York Times Company, put the Globe up for sale in February due to a decline in circulation. The company says the sale to Mr. Henry will allow them to focus on their flagship title. …

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Boston Globe Rolls Out Digital Newspaper

The Boston Globe announced today the launch of GlobeReader, a new digital version of the newspaper that can be read offline or online.

With GlobeReader the content of the Globe is downloaded daily to a subscriber’s desktop, laptop or netbook, in a format aimed at resembling the look and feel of the print version of the Boston Globe.  A preview edition is currently available to Globe subscribers. Plans for further expansion are in the works.

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A Twitter Rant Gone Bad

I am not an author. I’m a blogger. If I say something that someone disagrees with they can let me have it in the comments section of the blog. At that point, the decision needs to be made how, or even better if, I should fire back. In most cases, I make the decision to let bygones be bygones because comment crossfire usually ends badly (or at the very least awkwardly) and it doesn’t accomplish much in the end. As long as there are no off color comments regarding direct family members or my heritage, I can take it.

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What’s the Web Without Links?

In an age where the web appears to be getting more and more open, with the rise of data portability and everybody sharing stuff with everybody else, it is fascinating to see that a newspaper publisher is suing another one that is linking to its content.

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