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Firefox OS Simulator Now Available As A Prototype

Firefox OS is launching early next year, and Mozilla needs to make sure that developers have some apps ready before its launch. It’s a little early to get hardware into the hands of developers though. That’s where software solutions come in, and Mozilla had just the thing. Mozilla announced that the Firefox OS Simulator prototype is now available for download. …

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Excited About Firefox OS? Start Testing It Now

Mozilla is officially getting into the OS business early next year with Firefox OS, the new name for the long-time coming Boot 2 Gecko project. The operating system will run on smartphones and be entirely dependent upon HTML5 for all of its apps. Mozilla is now offering developers a chance to try out the Firefox OS on desktop first before …

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LG To Unveil Mozilla Phone At Mobile World Congress?

There are rumors this morning that LG Mozilla may be about to unveil the first smartphone to run Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko operating system at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Citing “a source close to the matter” ExtremeTech says that the phone could be ready as early as next week, but that the Boot 2 Gecko OS probably won’t be …

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