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Ask Gets Smart For Children

Ask.com has added something new to their Smart Answer collection by making the International Children’s Digital Library available as a top-of-page resource for children’s literature-related queries.

Google Unbound And Free Online Books

Google wants publishers and authors not to fear giving away electronic books online saying that it will ultimately lead to more book sales. At the Google Unbound conference yesterday at the New York Public Library the focus was the marketing potential of offering free books online.

Amanda Watlington Talks Second Life, Blogs w/ Odden

Spotlight on Search – Interview with Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D., APR of Searching for Profit.

Interview with CSS Cookbook Author

I recently had a chance to conduct an interview with Christopher Schmitt, author of the CSS Cookbook from O’Reilly, among other books.

Yahoo Tells Google To Stuff Its Subpoena

As part of its legal fight against publisher and author groups suing it over its book-scanning practices, Google sent subpoenas to Microsoft, Amazon.com, and Yahoo to gather information about their participation in similar book-archiving operations.

Quality Niche Content Websites

Niche websites:

Wikipedia Comics

Interesting concept…

Google Opens Up About Public Domain Books

Google blocks access for users outside the U.S. to public domain books, much to the dismay of some. To make matters worse, the reasons behind this policy were something of a mystery – until now. A post on the Inside Google Book Search blog explained the company’s thinking.

SEO Books New SEM Glossary

In case you missed it Aaron Wall added a rather comprehensive search engine marketing glossary to his SEO Book site.

Google Adds Library, Expands Edu Offerings

Google took another step toward the company’s stated goal of indexing the world’s information by adding the entire collection of public domain historical resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library to its Google Books Library Project.

Google Promotes Banned Books

Despite America’s reputation as a free society, the practice of banning books in schools and even some libraries has happened through the years. Google and the American Library Association will celebrate 25 years of Banned Books Week, September 23rd – 30th.

LibreDigital Answers Google Books

Google’s dustup with publishers around the globe last year over its plan to digitize every book in its path, sans permission, gave someone an idea. What if we do that with their permission? LibreDigital general manager Craig Miller says his company’s digitization service isn’t in direct response to Google, but a “natural extension” of what they were already doing.

C++ – No Fears And Great Books

This is a quick look at a couple of stories on C++, namely why programmers should not feel The Fear of native code, and a quintet of books that should occupy the bookshelves of quality C++ coders.

Google Adds UC To Books Project

Google Book Search announced the addition the University of California library to the Google Books Library Project. One of the world’s largest libraries, UC’s is made up of 100 libraries on 10 campuses and is considered to have the largest research and academic library in the world.

Google Musical Opens; English Books Close

It’s official. Google geek-chic has become so sexy they’ve made a musical tribute. Google: The Musical opens next week inMinnesota? In the spirit of l337 and Internet English, it may promise satisfactorily deplorable language mechanics.

Navigating the Amazon Sales Ranking
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First, the disclaimers: Since the algorithm Amazon uses to generate its sales ranking is proprietary, the details contained herein are extrapolated from research and field tests.

MySpace and Amazon Partner on Books?

I’m not a big follower of MySpace, but Mike M is and he just emailed me to let readers know…

Publisher Site Launches On Windows Live
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The formerly-named MSN Book Search appears to have a new name to go along with its online debut.

Amazon Books A Big Sales Increase

A gaudy 20 percent increase in net sales for the first quarter of 2006 was offset by Amazon’s early adoption of stock-based compensation expense accounting, which hit net income hard.

Book, Blook and Podcasts

Here’s a neat idea – post the chapters of your book to your blog (sound familiar?) and record each chapter as a podcast.

Yahoo! HotJobs Books Hot Off The Presses

First on the Web, now at Barnes & Noble, Yahoo! announced today the release of three books designed to help job seekers improve their chances of placement and career success. The series is authored by Yahoo! HotJobs in-house career experts Dan Finnigan and Marc Karasu and published by Sterling Publishing.