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Google To Pay Copyright Holders $60 Per Scanned Book
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Google has started paying authors of out-of-print books under a $125 million copyright settlement agreement reached in October concerning Google Book Search.

Authors and publishers around the world are receiving detailed information about their legal rights and options by email and postal mail. Class members can visit this Web site for complete information about the settlement.

Google Optimizes Book Search for Mobile
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Google Mobile Book SearchGoogle has launched a long overdue mobile version of Book Search for the iPhone and Android. This includes access to over 1.5 million mobile public domain books.

Twitter Book Shows Business Usefulness
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You may have heard that there was a possible Facebook Book in the works. "My next book is about the kids who founded Facebook," says author Ben Mezrich.

Well, it turns out that there is a book already available about Twitter. It’s less of a bio on the founders however, and more of a how-it-can-help-you book for businesses.

Has 9/11 Become “The” National Holiday?


Libraries Expand Digital Content
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In an effort to attract readers, libraries have increased the amount of digital content they offer including books, music, and movies that can be downloaded by patrons to a computer or mobile device for free.

To access the program users need a library card, access to the Internet and some downloadable software such as Adobe Digital Edition, the Mobipocket Reader or the OverDrive Media Console.

Borders closes to Amazon

Bookselling chain decides competing with Amazon.com on book sales will be a better prospect than the now-ended partnership with the online retailing giant.

Books Most Purchased Item Online
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Globally, the most popular items to purchase online are books with 41 percent of Internet users doing so in the last three months according to Nielsen Online.

Among U.S. Internet users 38 percent bought books in the past month. In the UK 45 percent of Internet users have bought books online and in Germany 55 percent had done the same.

Steve Jobs Says You’re Out of Touch
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That’s right. As you’re reading this, let me be the first to tell you, you’re hopelessly out of touch with the world according to Steve Jobs:

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore. 40% percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

Using Google Docs to Work on a Book

Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O’Reilly using Google Docs.

I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it’s helpful for you too for certain needs.

Google Maps Gets Into Books, Pictures, And Videos

The name of Google Maps is pretty self-defining.  Google is the owner, and maps are those little help-you-find-your-way drawings.  But now a new update is tossing books, pictures, and videos into the equation.

Videos, Books & Photos on Google Maps
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The search page of Google Maps now shows location markers. The markers can be in the form of videos from YouTube, books from Google Book search or geo-tagged photos from Panoramio.

Amazon Affiliates Burned at the Stake
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Whilst the blogosphere has been ranting or raving about Amazon’s new Kindle Ebook reader, I have been sleeping on the idea.

Google Won’t Dominate Book Search

Despite the hubbub generated by a New York Times report, the world of book digitization doesn’t start and end with Google, or even the participation of Microsoft and Yahoo in the Open Content Alliance.

AskCity Strikes Coupon Deal

Paris is called the city of light.  Los Angeles is, of course, the city of angels.  And thanks to a new arrangement with Entertainment Publications, AskCity may become known as the city of coupons.

Google Book Search Homepage Redesign

The Google Book search homepage just received a redesign (some of you were able to spot this prototype before, but it just went live for all). It now looks more like book shelf than straight-forward search engine; instead of the typical Google logo + input box, you’ll be seeing a couple of pre-selected covers as images, making for a more explorative approach.

TurnHere Signs New Distribution Partners

Online video solutions platform TurnHere, has announced more than a dozen new distribution partners for its online video channel BookVideos.tv.

Publishers Will Become Interactive Media Artists

Books Are Losing Relevancy

Google and Amazon are both pushing to sell ebooks directly aggressively. An article in the NYT mentions a new device Amazon will offer for reading ebooks, but I don’t think the problem with books and ebooks is that they need a better reader.

Google now allows you to embed book pasages directly in web pages.

Google Book Search Adds New Features
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Google has announced the launch of some new features for Google Book Search.

Google Earth Gets Book Search Layer

To research a place’s past, you could drive around looking for historical markers.  Or you could call up Google Earth; a new default layer allows users to “explore locations through the lens of the world’s books.”

CreateSpace Launches Books On Demand Service
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CreateSpace, previously known as Custom FlixLabs, part of the Amazon.com group of companies has launched a new online Books on Demand service.

Live Search Books Pages Copyrighted Works

Microsoft has added in-copyright book content to its Live Book Search service, which will start showing up in response to relevant search queries.

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