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WordPress.com Blocks Spam Bloggers

Colleen at a Simple Kind of Life blog writes that Wordpress.com doesn’t want to become home to spam bloggers and/or folks who make money off of advertising (she has an email that says that PayPerPost advertisements aren’t allowed on Wordpress.com).

AdSense Now Offers Site Target Options

Jennifer Slegg informs us that Google has added new custom targeting channels for AdSense publishers. The new option allows AdSense users to label different ad units on their site, and allows AdWords advertisers to see this units and select them for their ads.

LoudLaunch.com Offers Paid Blogging

The blogging purists of the world will wince when they discover yet another launch of a service that pays bloggers to write about a certain company or product.

Google Delivers A Virus

The Google Video team accidentally sent out an email to 50,000 recipients of a Google Video email list, according to eWeek.

Last Day Registration for PubCon Las Vegas!

So, you are going to PubCon next week, right?

Ning Offers Easy Social Network Creation

CNET has details of Ning.com’s public launch at the Web 2.0 Summit this week.

Talk About Web 2.0

Just a quick reminder of the mesh meetup we’re having at the Irish Embassy on November 15th in Toronto (that’s a bar, not the real Irish Embassy, for anyone who thinks the bright green country filled with leprechauns might have seceded when they weren’t looking).

Eric Schmidt Talks User Portability of Data

WEB 2.0: Google CEO: Take your data and run – Network World One of the things that all internet companies need to do a better job on is in ensuring that our users have portability of data. So it was refreshing to read this morning that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was talking up user portability today.

Chris Pirillos Secret Stolen

Hmmm, Chris Pirillo (founder of Lockergnome and Gnomedex conferences) has been in a bitter, dour, mood lately

Google Checkout Free For Holiday Season

I just got an email from Google stating that Google Checkout transactions will be free until the end of the year:

And Vista Has Great Packaging Too!

I don’t want to be a gigantic wet blanket or anything, but looking at the top of Techmeme right now makes me despair for the future of the human race.

Much Anticipated Vista Released to Manufacturing

As Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000.16386 “061101-2205″) is released to manufacturing (RTM) today – a significant milestone for Microsoft and its partners – anticipation is building around that all-important question:

Boring Google Earth US Election Maps

Not sure if anyone else noticed this or not but did you catch the graphics that are being used by ABC news and Good Morning America etc… to show the results of the election?

Dell Preparing For Quad Core

Dell has announced that they have developed to computers tat will be made for the quad-core Xeon (Clovertown) processor.

New Enquiro Eye Tracking Study

Enquiro’s original study used eye tracking technology to quantify what user interactions with the Google search results page looked like.

Streaming Media Conference Video

The Streaming Media conference now has video of a lot of its sessions up.

Web Strategy Made Simple

After asking the question Do you have a Web Strategy?, I thought it was important to give a closer look at what the term really means.

A Chat With Google’s Eric Schmidt

Dan Farber has a good summary of John Battelle’s chat with Eric Schmidt at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit.

Google’s Checkout Free Until December 31

As we reported last week, Google has indeed made Checkout free until the end of the year.

Top Ten Lies Of Web 2.0

SFGate.com posted a list of the top 10 lies of Web 2.0 which geeky types in particular will find amusing (well, I did).

Google Trying Print Ads

Just because Google’s initial effort to bring its bidding platform to print ads failed, doesn’t mean the company is giving up.