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Googles Laws

If you’re using Safari to access Google Docs & Spreadsheets, you’ll end up on the unsupported browsers page, telling you “Sorry, but this browser does not support web word-processing.” However, as John Wiley found out, Google also tells you (my emphasis)…

Blog Search

For a long time now, Google Web Search API result have been flaky – you search, nothing appears, then you refresh the same search, and you get a result.

Take A Look Inside Adobe Connect

Someday I’ll get Adobe Blogger John Nack on but here I video Peter Ryce.

Gmail Mobile Is Great!

I’ve been trying out the new Gmail Mobile email service on my mobile phone.

Google Showing “Internal IP” Info

Tony Ruscoe stumbled upon a couple of Google Calendar related files that were only supposed to show to Google-internal IPs…

Value Systems

On the web there is a meshing of a virtually unlimited number of value systems.

Google Reader Too Slow?

Anyone notice this? It seems that I can read faster than Google Reader can mark as read. At least it isn’t very good about marking things as read.

Zero Cost Businesses

Tomorrow at noon Pacific Time a new company will be born. I have video with the CEO coming to ScobleShow. But what was remarkable was just how much was built without spending a single dollar.

Thanks to our Pilgrim Partners

Every blog has “sponsors” these days, but only Marketing Pilgrim brings you Pilgrim Partners. These are more than just companies that help pay the bills – although that helps – but great companies that we recommend our readers check out.

Google Subpoena Report Publicized

Earlier this year, the US gov’t subpoena’d various search companies to get supporting data for a proposed revived Child Online Protection Act.

Google’s 30 Point Penalty?

This is a shout out to everyone involved in SEO who keeps up with the latest trends.

Confabb Opens To Conference Attendees

Yesterday I was at Dave Winer’s house and got an early look at Confabb, a Web 2.0 site that just opened this morning.

Hugh Macleod interested in Microsoft

Hugh Macleod: the Microsoft question.

I Hate The New Valleywag Design

I really really hate the new Valleywag design.

Mobile Media Developer podcast series

Something for you mobile techies…

The Vista sound

I’m sure it drives many of the geeks crazy in the industry that so much attention is being paid to four little notes.

The Most Popular Blog Posts Of All Time

Popular Blog Posts: Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped recently wrote me asking for my most popular blog post. In my case it was the story I published about a year ago regarding my hellish consumer run in with PriceRitePhoto when trying to buy my Canon 5D.

21 Link Bait Ideas

I’ve been working with FamousAgents.com, providers of SEO and blogging services to real estate agents, and they’ve put together a great article called 21 Keys to Link Bait Success.

Mac Guy Gets Fired

Apple has fired their Mac Guy and is planning on looking for a new person that will better represent Apple to the general public.

From YouTube to iLike to iTunes

“Like” is the word of the week. After the launch of visual shopping search engine Like.com, earlier this week, comes news from TechCrunch that social music site iLike has added the ability to download music videos from YouTube to iTunes.

Skype Plans Live Chat Rooms For Bloggers
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CNET has details of Skype’s plans to offer bloggers the ability to host audio chats from their own web site.