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WebTrends Marketing Warehouse 2.0 WebTrends Marketing Warehouse 2.0

WebTrends Inc recently launched version 2 of their powerful on-the-fly behavior analysis and real-time visitor segmentation product – Marketing Warehouse

Google Initiates Global Warming Brainstorm

Google invited students to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets* to come up with ideas for combating global warming. One of the ideas makes it as full-page ad in today’s USA Today [PDF], Google says. Among the ideas:

Google Merging Blogs Into Search Results

Andy Beal has quoted Andy Boyd on Google merging blog search with natural search results. Andy Boyd also has screenshot of a page in which blogs were shown as results after the Top 10. He says that:

E-mail And Phone Have High Response Rates

BtoB Magazine points out some interesting findings in the DMA 2006 Response Rate Trends Report which includes data for more than 1,500 campaigns received in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Google Blog Search

Andy Boyd has spotted Google Blog Search results slipping into the normal search engine results.

Microsoft Running Behind?

As we reported last week, Google, Yahoo! and MSN have come together to follow an uniform Sitemaps protocol.

Time to Schedule Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

The WSJ tackles a reader question about the best time to schedule PPC ads. Of course, WSJ knowing nothing about the subject, turns to recent comScore data for its answer.

Flickr Goes Mobile

An update from the crew at flickr was launched this week in the form of a new, mobile friendly resource.

GOOG Tops $500

Google stock closed above $500 for the first time ever, a new record that puts it at a market capitalization of $150 billion.

Google Maps Updates
· 2

Some interesting updates from the gmaps crew recently hit the google maps API weblog. Imagine this… view KML files with google maps…

Google Click-to-Call Vulnerable To Phone Pranks?

For a brief time yesterday, TechCrunch speculated that Google had removed its Click-to-Call function on Google Maps, due to prank calls. The post was later updated to confirm the function was still in place.

Talk About Google OS!

The tech blogosphere was getting boring for the past few minutes so Emre Sokullu and Richard MacManus saves us from the hell of boredom by talking about the Google OS.

New Diagnostic Tool For AdWords

Google AdWords team has found a solution to the most common problem in managing AdWords account -why your ad does not show for a particular keyword. The solution is a one-click feature that provides easy troubleshooting.

Mossberg Reviews Vox Private Blog Tools

Walter Mossberg takes a close look at the new private blog tools available from Vox.

New Sitemaps For Google News

Google has introduced sitemaps for Google News. So if you have a site included in Google News, you can creat and submit News Sitemaps to inform Google about the articles that you wish to be included in Google News.

Your Technorati Link Count

Darren Rowse reports Technorati has launched a Link Count Widget which allows bloggers to display the number of inbound links for any given blog post.

New Eye Tracking Report

Enquiro has released a new eye tracking report and it’s worth every penny of the $149 you’ll pay to get your hands on it.

New Features Added To Google Page Creator

Google’s Justin Rosenstein just announced some nifty new upgrades to Google Page Creator – the “so easy, even a caveman can do it” web design tool.

GPS Data Integration With Google Earth

Telespial Systems is providing government agencies from around the world the tools needed to help manage and deploy asset and geographical data during times of emergency.

Text vs Images

Cory Bates over at UseTube recently conducted a small usability study which focused on user experiences on 2 different pages (simple text based vs. graphical intensive). Both pages had corresponding call to actions and at the end of the study users rated their experiences.

YouTube’s Huge Marketing Success

Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices was hanging out with me and told me about this story.