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The SEO Game is Getting Harder

Aaron Wall has an interesting article detailing how his SEOBook and SEOGuy websites have been dumped in the recent Google update.

A JavaScript That Kills Google AutoLink Links

Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild have published a working script that webmasters can insert into their webpages that kills Google AutoLink links.

Yahoo! Image Database Increases to 1.5 Billion Images

Yahoo! has just indicated that they now index more than 1.5 billion images in their Images Search Engine.

Blogger Jason Kotkke Turns Pro

Congrats to Jason Kottke, a popular blogger who today decided to make blogging his full-time gig.

French Not Happy with Google Book Plans

According to Reuters, France’s national library has raised a “war cry” over plans by Google to put books from some of the world’s great libraries on the Internet and wants to ensure the project does not lead to a domination of American ideas.

Paris Hilton’s Address Book Exposed
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Someone has figured out the password to Paris Hilton’s Sidekick phone and posted her number and those from her address book on the internet.

Google Buying 30 Acres In Oregon … Hmm

According to the Business Journal, Google is planning to pay $1.87 million for 30 acres of industrial land within the Port of The Dalles’ Chenoweth Creek Industrial Subdivision.

End of the Yahoo Directory?

Few hours ago, Agent Web Ranking Search Engine Research Center received an alert about Yahoo IT.

Google Backlinks Update (Not Really a Google Dance)
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Google is updating the backlinks reported by the link URL command. This is not really a Google Dance …

Yahoo YQ Contextual Search Rocks

The new Yahoo contextual search feature [dubbed Y!Q] rocks! It’s like vivisimo without all the annoying crap getting in the way of your search and there’s no flash to bog down your pc. Clean and simple interface that doesn’t require any downloads and allows you to drill down into search results in an easy to use manner.

Coffee Table Blogs

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, here’s a new service called BlogBinders that turns your blog into a bound printed book.

Hewitt’s Blog Book: A Helpful Resource For Business

While I was away at the New Communications Forum 2005 last week, a package arrived from Amazon with my copy of Hugh Hewitt’s new book on blogging, published on 13 January.

Definitive Blog Book Gains Traction

Things are beginning to move with The Red Couch, the collaborative work on producing what could be the definitive business book …

AOL Launches Online Comic Book for Kids

AOL’s KOL service, in partnership with Animation Collective, launched an original online comic book series and game based on its “Princess Natasha” animated webisode series.

Google To Scan Millions of Library Books

Google announced yesterday that they have agreements with several large libraries to scan books whose copyrights have expired.

Dan Gillmor Leaves Mercury News to Start Citizen Journalism Project

Dan Gillmor announced last night that he is leaving the San Jose Mercury News next month to work on a citizen-journalism project.

Blogs On Target: Missing The Point?

For a few days now, the latest Internet goof-up being linked by news sites and IM’ers alike has been focused on Target.com. Since early last week, people have been finding questionable products featured on Target’s website. As links to these pages make their way around the Internet, the blogosphere was quick with its commentary. However, did some bloggers jump the gun when criticizing Target?

New Google Backlinks Update

A Google backlinks update is now on its way! You can see some changes via the “link:” command in Google.

Five Proven Tips That Will Sell Your Books

Nearly any author or publisher can promote a book to bestseller status. All it takes is a little patience, a good plan, and a whole lot of following up on the details.

SEO Copywriting Book from Search Marketing Expert

Is your corporate Website battling poor positioning in Google and Yahoo! Search’s “organic” search engine results.

New Updated Perl Book

Commonly used for CGI programming and extracting and translating data, Perl is the workhouse of the Internet.