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Reviews: Build Traffic and Reputation

Writing book reviews, product reviews, and reviews of other blogs is one way to increase your visitor traffic level. Reviews are also a powerful technique to enhance your reputation as a blogger.

Book review podcast: Todd Cochrane’s Podcasting

A few weeks ago, I received the copy of Podcasting: The Do It Yourself Guide by Todd Cochrane that I’d ordered from Amazon UK.

Amazon Turning Ten

If Amazon.com is ten years old, that brings up a bit of search engine marketing trivia. It must meant that linking campaigns, once thought to be the quintessential form of Internet PR, are now more than ten years old! Eric Ward famously helped Amazon get linked all over the web, which was a big part of its early success.

Publishers Ask Google To Halt Book Scans

Gary Price reports that the Association of American Publishers sent a letter to Google asking for a six month moratorium on scanning copyrighted books for the Library portion of Google Print.

MasterCard: Open Book For ID Theft

The folks at MasterCard have brought the public some brilliant and entertaining commercial over the years. It’s even become a point of pop culture as every does their spin on the “priceless” theme they’ve had in place. MasterCard announced their security was compromised in the form of 40 million customers who’re now open to ID theft from MasterCard. Priceless isn’t the word I’d use for this one.

Seth Godin, Keep Thinking About Podcasting

Of all the people I would actually *like* to see pickup podcasting, Seth Godin’s on my short list.

Googles A Librarian? You Betcha! Google Print Goes Live

Google Print Beta goes live today furthering Google’s attempt at their goal of organizing the world’s information on the Internet. Problems may exist however with copyright problems and culture wars abroad and whatever happened to Gutenberg?

Gates To Write Another Book

Business Week reports that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is writing another book. Gates previously released The Road Ahead, a look at the future evolution of technology, back in 1996.

Your Hired! Book Smart Kendra Wins Apprentice

Donald Trump hired 26 year old real estate entrepreneur Kendra in tonights Apprentice finale.

Another Way to Narrow Your Margins

With the usual press release-driven fanfare, reserach company eMarketer has released a new study, “The Business of Blogging.” Asking price: US $695.

Apple: The New Microsoft

Apple Computers may not be able to make much of a dent in Microsoft’s domination of the computer marketplace.

Blogs in the Communications Mix

Recently, I wrote that it was all about content, and that no matter how great the content is, unless it is being pushed out in a way for people to read, it’s not going to matter.

Google Testing Alternate Searches

Google is testing a new feature called “Alternate Searches” intended to enhance the user search experience. Other search engines like Yahoo! or AskJeeves have included in their results pages some suggestions of related searches.

French Version of Google Toolbar 3
· 1

Today, Google released a new version of the Google Toolbar. This free browser tool now checks spelling, enables users to translate English text into 8 other languages.

Dear Oprah, Invite Bloggers on Your Program

Many people say that you’re not really an influencer until you’ve been on the Oprah Winfrey show.

What the Heck is Google Print?

Here’s another Google service with which many people are not familiar: Google Print. Huh? What is that?

Microsoft’s Key Windows Architect Defects To Google

According to Microsoft Watch, Mark Lucovsky, one of Microsoft’s key Windows architects, has defected to Google.

Visiting Yahoo! Japan

In about 5 hours I hop on a flight from San Jose to Japan. I’m visiting Yahoo! Japan for a few days.

The SEO Game is Getting Harder

Aaron Wall has an interesting article detailing how his SEOBook and SEOGuy websites have been dumped in the recent Google update.

A JavaScript That Kills Google AutoLink Links

Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild have published a working script that webmasters can insert into their webpages that kills Google AutoLink links.

Yahoo! Image Database Increases to 1.5 Billion Images

Yahoo! has just indicated that they now index more than 1.5 billion images in their Images Search Engine.