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BS Book Spikes Smoking Gun Traffic

Want to drive more traffic to your site? Figure out a way to bust a lying snake of a famous best-selling author right in front of Oprah Winfrey. Okay, I know that’s probably harder than it sounds, but it worked for TheSmokingGun.com, whose traffic has been heavier than James Frey’s fat head on Jupiter.

Blogging for Business Book

Ted Demopoulos and Shel Holtz have a new blog called Blogging for Business that accompanies a forthcoming book with the same name.

DOJ May One Day Try to Break Up Google

In chapter eight John Battelle’s incredible book, The Search, he astutely predicted that Google would increasingly fall under the watchful eye of the US government.

Applied Software Project Management Book Review

It’s not often that a software project management book comes along that is practical, easy to read and stacked full of ready to use process scripts.

Book, Blook and Podcasts

Here’s a neat idea – post the chapters of your book to your blog (sound familiar?) and record each chapter as a podcast.

#2160 on Amazon

Ahh, is this like egosearching for book authors?

Lots of surprises at MacWorld

It’s been a day of surprises at MacWorld.

Author of World’s First Book on Search Marketing

So, you think you know who’s “first generation” SEO? Think again!

CNET Announces Best of CES

CNET announces the best of show, which is a Creative Media Player.

Book Chapter By Wiki

Philipp Lenssen is in the midst of writing a book “55 Ways To Have Fun With Google“.

Steve Rubel Hacks Google Book Search?

Steve Rubel, best known for his blogs on integrating technology into public relations, may have stumbled upon something interesting. In a recent blog post by Rubel, he claims to be on to something.

David Vise Answers Questions on Google

Washington Post writer and author of The Google Story, David Vise, was online earlier today to answer a whole host of Google questions - including one from an “Andy of Raleigh, NC” :-)

Why Your Book Should Be Indexed

Forget about the legal battles where fair use and copyright issues come into play; the real trick for authors and publishers is to learn exactly how online book search can help people find their books in the first place.

John Battelle at Yahoo!

As part of the weekly speaker series that our Technology Development Group runs (well, really Chad does all the work), John Battelle visited to speak of a room packed full of Yahoos.

Nick Wilson Sells Threadwatch

Nick Wilson has sold Threadwatch to Aaron Wall of SEO Book.

A Little Perspective On Google Book Search

The rush to digitize the contents of five huge libraries could end up having a crushing impact on a small British publisher.

Name Change For Google Print

Feeling that the name would cause confusion, the folks in charge of the Google Print program have changed the name of the program to Google Book Search.

Google Ponders Book Rental Plan

The possibility of a for-pay rental scheme for books scanned into the Google Print project has been raised with at least one publisher.

Amazons Own Digital Book Program

Digital book programs seem to be all the rage since a particularly large search engine company decided to put most all books online. Online retailer Amazon decided to offer an alternative to publishers that should sit well with them. They will SELL digital books.

MSN Search Will Do Book Search

Microsoft’s online service will join Yahoo and others in supporting the Open Content Alliance and launch MSN Book Search.

Naked Conversations Is a Cracking Read

Earlier in the week, I received a copy of the galley proofs of Naked Conversations, the business blogging book by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble, due to hit the bookstore shelves next January.