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Wikinomics and Mainstream Web 2.0

Along with Toronto blogosphere luminaries such as David Crow of Ambient Vector and DemoCamp fame, Mark Kuznicki of Remarkk, ex-Flockster Will Pate (soon to be a Torontonian, I hear), Eli Singer of CaseCamp and Tom Purves of firestoker, I attended the launch of Don Tapscott’s new book Wikinomics – subtitled “How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” – on Thursday at U of T. My first thought? Bob Rae looks a bit like a Muppet character.

Interview with Yahoo’s John Slade on Panama

There has been quite a bit of buzz on the paid search marketing front with the launch of the new Yahoo! Search Advertising platform aka “Panama”.

Documenting SES – Comic Book Style

Whenever there is a major SEO-related conference with all the major representatives present, you can be sure there will be some good stories and pictures popping up when the attendees get back home.

A Google Christmas Wish List
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It’s Christmas time, a time for making wish lists that may or may not be fulfilled. What do you want for Christmas? What needs to be done before the family gets here? All of these questions usually lead to comprehensive lists that tend to rule our lives during the month of December.

Debunking Matt Cutts

The Google Toolbar doesn’t fuel Google’s index, nor is Google working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, even if Google did buy Keyhole, once backed by In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm.

Does Live Book Search Beat Google?

Today marks the launch of MSN’s Live Book Search, a beta offering aimed at giving users an initial taste of what Live Search has to offer in the realm of literary works. The service will perform keyword searches for books that have thus far been scanned in by Microsoft as part of the project.

Google Book Search: The Path To Dystopia?

Brewster Kahle isn’t happy with Google Book Search. As director and co-founder of the Internet Archive, he isn’t the least bit timid in his criticisms, either. “Google is trying to set themselves up as the only place to get to these materials; the only library; the only access,” Kahle reportedly said. “The idea of having only one company control the library of human knowledge is a nightmare.”

Google Prevents Plagiarism

Google Book Search prevents authors from going down in literary history as plagiarists by offering a searchable database of books.

Google Releases New Book Search Features

Google has released a major update to its Book Search in an effort to provide a more organic reading experience to the user as well as scholarly resources for readers wishing to delve deeper into the academic community’s take on a particular book.

Enterprise 1.0 – 2.0 Gap

Mark Masterson highlights the need for Enterprise 2.0 to work with Enterprise 1.0:

Google Horror Stories
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Need a scary story before you tuck your trick-or-treaters in bed that will make them convulse with fright until they lay unconscious in a nightmarish hell until morning? Google can help.

New Book Search Deals for Microsoft

Cornell University and Kirtas Technologies, a maker of scanners and digitization software said Tuesday that they had signed deals with Microsoft to support its Windows Live Book Search Project. Microsofts answer to Google Book Search, announced in late 2004.

Cornell Joins Microsofts Live Book Search

Cornell University has announced joint initiatives with Microsoft and Kirtas Technologies aimed at digitizing a majority of the school’s library content. The volumes will be made available online via Microsoft’s Live Book Search.

British Search Less But Find More?

Recent numbers are showing that Google is an even heavier hitter in the United Kingdom than in the United States.

Yahoo Drops Search Spell Book
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For the most part, it seems to be an i-before-e problem, grey-hatters. I choose the grey-hatters because no self-respecting white-hat SEOer would target the poor spelling habits of the average searcher, right? Heh. Let’s leave self-respect out of it. The smart ones will.

Google Book Scans Boosting Sales

The search advertising company has contended its practice of scanning books and presenting snippets of text would help drive interest and sales of books people might not find normally, and it is starting to look like Google was correct.

White Papers, Lead Generation – Key for BtoB Marketers

Complex sales cycles make the development of multi-modal marketing strategies critical.

Google Subpoenas Others On Book Search
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Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon.com will have to tell Google about their book scanning activities, including titles of works they have scanned, as Google works to fend off litigation from publishers and authors over the Google Book Search program.

Bloggers, Podcasters… Do NOT Buy This Book!

Why don’t I want you to buy this book? Because it contains the secrets to beating me at Technorati (and how to get Shelley Powers and Steve Gillmor to link to you on the same day! Although with Gillmor you really don’t want him to link to you, trust me on this).

Free Book Downloads from Google
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Looks like Google may ruffle some more feathers of the publishing community.

Google Reads Up On Book Downloads
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Visitors to Google Book Search will have the opportunity to download and print classic titles from the service. Sometime today, Google Book Search should open its virtual doors to literary fans and allow them to download PDF copies of certain titles, and to print them.