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Writing For Online Readers Goes Against The Book

It pains me to suggest this, but we must ignore (one of) the teachings of Strunk and White.  We must turn our backs on a number of other writing guides.  And we must break our own habit of writing out numbers as words.

Instead, we should represent numbers with numerals – a recent eye-tracking study suggests that they’re much more likely to capture online readers’ interest.

The Incredible Shrinking Book
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Have you ever read a long document on your computer screen?  I’m talking novel-length.  It’s not nearly as comfortable as paging through a book from your couch.  But if you’re brave enough to try something even more doubtful, stories are becoming available through cell phones.

Advanced PR Tech Chicago
After getting into the Chicago Hilton, a familar place from SES conferences, I walked the 3-4 blogs to the Columbia University campus where Bulldog Reporter was holding the Advanced PR Technology event. Greg Jarboe and I switched the time of our session with Katie Paine so she could make a plane to Dubai.

The Online Auto Industry

The automotive industry is the largest US advertising category and automakers and dealers have recently focused less on advertising in traditional media and have begun to put their ad dollars into digital media.

Kicking Shows More Respect Than Ignoring?

There’s a bit of debate lately due to a Microsoft lawyer bashing Google’s book scanning program and their positions on copyright. It’s one of those stories everybody has to comment on, despite merely being a case of one company sniping at another, so naturally I stayed the hell away from it. Still, Lawrence Lessig made an argument that so defines the opposite of compelling that I had to say something:

Book Publisher Asks About Microsoft Search Strategy

Joe Wikert, who works at Wiley (he’s an executive there) which is one of the world’s oldest (and biggest) book publishing companies asks some harsh questions about Microsoft’s search strategy.

Microsoft and Google – Different Approaches to Copyright

The Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild is none too happy with Google’s plan to indiscriminately scan, index, and allow the searching of millions of books from libraries the world over and Microsoft is capitalizing on this rare chink in Google’s armor.

Copyrighters are claiming infringement because Google is making advertising revenue from the results of book searches in the Google Book Search system. Here are all of Google’s arguments that I found:

Google Book Search Goes to Germany

The Bavarian State Library has decided to partake in Googles project to scan books from the world’s great collections.  As one of the largest libraries in the German-speaking world, the library has around nine million volumes and will make around one million books available to Google search. 

Microsoft: Google Can’t ‘Opt Out’ Of Copyright Law

You could say some of the sound bites from Microsoft’s latest rant over Google’s approach to copyright law bear a resemblance to a political campaign – not just because they carry the same tintinnabulation of highroad mantras, but have the same stabbing indignation of a call to war. Google’s doin’ wrong, says the Beast of Redmond, and we’ve got to do something about it.

Book Publishers Half-way Getting it

They may not be all the way there yet, but at least HarperCollins and Random House — both ultimately owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. — are trying to bring books into the Web era with their new “browsing” widgets.

Publishers Scoff At Online Book Search

In one of its most ambitious projects ever, Google has set a goal to digitize all book content that is public domain, and also snippets from other copyrighted words in order to provide users with the most comprehensive book search function ever conceived.

Several prominent libraries have already signed up to be a part of the Google Book Project, but the online search giant’s ambitions have some publishers turning up their nose in disapproval.

A Comic Book Community From MySpace

Social networking site MySpace has branched out into the world of comic books. Late last week MySpace launched MySpace Comic Book community, “a Place for Comic Books”.

VTO – German Google Book Search Competitor

On Tuesday, Mathias Schindler reported how easy it was to access the site of German Google Book Search competitor in progress, VTO (full text search online).

Online Vehicle Listings With Video

CDMdata Inc., a Kelley Blue Book company, has signed a deal with SiSTeR Technologies, an online retail multimedia content provider that will allow dealers to add short video presentations of vehicle listings to CDMdata customers.

Wikinomics Playbook

The last chapter of Don Tapscott’s new book, Wikinomics, invites readers to write it: “Join us in peer producing the definitive guide to the twenty-first-century corporation on www.wikinomics.com.”

Google Book Search, Google Maps Team Up

It’s an all-too-common problem: you’re reading War and Peace when the name “Vyzama” stops you dead in your tracks; you simply can’t continue with the novel until you know where this Russian town is located. Google Book Search and Google Maps are now teaming up to render such problems obsolete.

Knowledge Management Book Review

I have been reading this short book on knowledge management, by Carl Frappaolo, on and off since the Delphi Business Process Innovation Summit.

Wikinomics and Mainstream Web 2.0

Along with Toronto blogosphere luminaries such as David Crow of Ambient Vector and DemoCamp fame, Mark Kuznicki of Remarkk, ex-Flockster Will Pate (soon to be a Torontonian, I hear), Eli Singer of CaseCamp and Tom Purves of firestoker, I attended the launch of Don Tapscott’s new book Wikinomics – subtitled “How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” – on Thursday at U of T. My first thought? Bob Rae looks a bit like a Muppet character.

Interview with Yahoo’s John Slade on Panama

There has been quite a bit of buzz on the paid search marketing front with the launch of the new Yahoo! Search Advertising platform aka “Panama”.

Documenting SES – Comic Book Style

Whenever there is a major SEO-related conference with all the major representatives present, you can be sure there will be some good stories and pictures popping up when the attendees get back home.

A Google Christmas Wish List
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It’s Christmas time, a time for making wish lists that may or may not be fulfilled. What do you want for Christmas? What needs to be done before the family gets here? All of these questions usually lead to comprehensive lists that tend to rule our lives during the month of December.

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