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Increase Book Sales: When a Book is No Longer Just a Book for

Do you have books sitting in your garage that you haven’t sold yet and looking for ways to move them? Then you will want to know about these five outrageous ideas that aren’t difficult and can be just plain out fun.

Top 10 Ways to Know your Book Concept will Sell–Before you Invest Time and Money

Make your book stand out from the crowd! Test your book’s significance, find your market before you write, and treat your book as part of your business.

The Top 10 Secrets of Successful Authors

If you are not a successful author yet, incorporate the following 10 Secrets:

Defy the Myths, Get Your Book Written–Fast! – Part 1

Why don’t you write a book?

Most people complain it takes too long. They are too busy. One professional coach said she was not a natural writer. An entrepreneur feared it wouldn’t sell, or it would be too much effort. A professional speaker says she is so busy marketing herself, she doesn’t know where to find the time to write.

Gmail Allows Address Book Imports

You may have noticed some changes at Google over the weekend. Besides promoting its newly-acquired digital photo software Picasa on its index page, Google began offering new features to Gmail users. Google now allows users to import their address books from competing services such as Hotmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo! Mail.

How to Avoid the 11 Biggest Mistakes of First Time Authors

“If you want to change your life,” Harry Beckwith wrote in The Invisible Touch, “write a book.” But writing a book can also be tremendously frustrating and unrewarding.

4 Questions to Answer Before Contacting a Book Agent
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Obtaining agency representation is your first step toward getting profitably published. Most publishers won’t even look at unsolicited manuscripts.

Writing a Book’s Marketing Plan for Maximum Profit

Much has been written about book proposals. But less has been written about book marketing plans. This is wrong!

Interview with Building Your Business with Google For Dummies Author Brad Hill

Brad Hill has worked in the online field since 1992, and was a recognized authority on search engines long before two now-famous Stanford graduate students started tinkering with what would eventually become Google. His popular books, among them Google For Dummies, Yahoo! For Dummies, and Internet Searching For Dummies, share a knack for taking what are often highly technical concepts and presenting them in ways that are immediately useful to the average reader.

Does your Book Cover Pass the Ignore Test?

Your book cover is the first impression a potential client has with your book. The book cover design and message will determine if your book will be ignored or bought.

Print On Demand – A Definition and a Comparison
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The purpose of this article is to consider Print-On-Demand publishing as an alternative for the aspiring author. It has its strengths and its weaknesses. You may wonder as you begin reading this, but in the end I’m going to say some good things about it.

Conducting a Proper SWOT Analysis: Going Beyond the Book

By its description in any textbook, the SWOT analysis tool is a very practical and easy framework to apply. The tool calls upon individuals to:

How to See What Pages of Your Site Google Has In Its Index

There is a lag time between the indexing or updating of your site, and the time it takes to show new results in the database. Depending on your site, where it was linked from, who it was linked from, and who knows what other factors, the amount of time varies.

Choosing a Topic for Writing a How-To Book

Review in depth the intelligence you have accumulated over the years and you will have no problem in identifying where your primary source of expertise lies. However, before cementing your choice of a topic it will be necessary to run the data through several tests to confirm its suitability as the subject matter for your first how-to book.

The Bestseller In You: Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing

These questions are focused on traditional publishing. Publish On Demand (POD) and ebook publishing will be included in a future column.

Five Secrets 1st Time Authors Need to Know

Writing the book was the easy part; now comes the challenge. But understand these five secrets unknown by many professional writers, and you’ll find your path to publication much smoother-and much more profitable!

Should You Write a Book?

One morning, you open your inbox and find several e-mails that will boost your business. There is an invitation to speak at a local group comprised of your best prospects. Several emails have arrived from people who’ve “heard of you” and inquire about your services.

How To Start a Profitable Book Review Business

Writers in general are a huge, lucrative, and sometimes desperate market. Fiction writers however, are the cream of the crop. For some reason, it seems like *everyone* dreams of being the next Stephen King.

Starting Your Business By The Book

I’ve gotten several questions recently about the legalities of starting a business. So, this week I thought I would address a few of the more common legal issues most new businesses face. But first, let’s get the mandatory legal disclaimer out of the way: the advice dispensed by this columnist is probably no better or worse than the advice dispensed by other columnists. Do not take the following advice as gospel or bet the future of your business on any advice given herein by said columnist.

Four Tips on Tip Sheets

Getting newspaper and magazine coverage for your book can be challenging. The book review section has disappeared from many publications; the lifestyle section is very competitive. But a simple tip sheet from your book can get you into almost any publication in America. Here are four tips on writing tip sheets:

How to Make Money From Your Book And Get Massive Profit Before You Finish Writing It

You can generate instant income from your book instead of waiting till you complete it.