Steven Spielberg Ousts Oprah as Influential Celeb

Steven Spielberg Ousts Oprah as Influential Celeb

By Kimberly Ripley January 15, 2014

Steven Spielberg has ousted Oprah Winfrey as the most influential celebrity in the U.S., according to an annual study conducted by Forbes magazine. It seems it was the film Lincoln that gave Spielberg the edge over Oprah. Earning him 12 …

Elevation Partners Spends $120M More On Facebook Shares

The private equity firm that counts rock star Bono as a member of its investment team is taking a greater interest in Facebook.  According to a new report, Elevation Partners has spent $120 million on five million of the company’s secondary market shares.

(Red), Bono’s Fundraising Program Starts Dec. 1st

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Bono Getting Jiggy with Facebook

Maybe it’s the future of music and maybe it’s not, but I think U2’s experiment with Facebook and the iLike widget is a pretty interesting move.

AOL Throws Cincinnati A Curve

The 2007 baseball season is opening with a surprising match up: the Cincinnati Reds versus AOL. The Major League Baseball club filed opposition to AOL’s application for trademark of "RED," the name of AOL’s social network for teens.

Bono Seeks Yahoo Answers To Poverty

U2′s frontman and noteworthy activist takes his turn during the Yahoo Answers “Ask the Planet” promotion and asks for suggestions on battling the problem of global poverty.

Bono Endorses Phone, Tries To Cure AIDS

U2 singer Bono is doing his part in the fight against AIDS: he’s endorsing a red phone. Some of the proceeds from this red version of Motorola’s Slimline SLVR model will go to a global fund to fight AIDS and other diseases.

Net Giants Join Bono As ONE

Internet marketing technology company Viewpoint has renewed a partnership with ONE.org and U2′s Bono to help promote the ONE Campaign, a new effort to rally Americans in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty.

Bill And Melinda Gates Open More Windows

Normally, the articles for this are about trends and technologies in Windows. This story will be a bit more about Bill Gates, founder and chief software architect of Microsoft. Something Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are becoming more known for though is the charitable work of their foundation. Time magazine made them their “Person of the Year.”

Judge Orders Hats Off To Bono

Bono, U2 front man, activist and hat lover, scored one for the team when a Dublin judge ordered that it doesn’t matter if he was in his undies at the time, you just don’t come between an Irishman and his hat. Bono’s next activist event: getting Donald Duck his pants back.*

Student Sued By Apple Finds Pro Bono Representation

Nicholas Ciarelli, the student who was sued by Apple, will be receiving Pro Bono representation from Terry Gross, a lawyer from the San Francisco-based firm Gross & Belsky.